Designing a Home to Sell

Trying to appeal to every potential buyer when selling your property is unrealistic, but according to pros in the real estate business, there are some features that have mass appeal for house hunters in the current market. Find out which features are topping prospective buyers’ most-wanted lists and see how you can add value to your home before it hits the market.


It’s the heart of the home, so it’s understandable why the kitchen is one of the most important areas for prospective buyers. As one of the most expensive rooms to renovate, an outdated or impractical kitchen is a deal-breaker for many people. Modern appliances and kitchen surfaces made from decent quality materials will always be winners and cosmetic updates to your kitchen are affordable ways to up the perceived value of your property.


Perhaps second to the kitchen on the scale of importance to prospective buyers, the bathroom doesn’t need to be a palatial spa retreat to sell. As long as your bathroom is functional and fresh-looking, you don’t need to do a complete renovation. A fresh lick of paint and making sure things like grout and fixtures are in good condition will go a long way in making a good impression.

Clean, white modern bathroom

Timber-look floors

A timeless floor covering, hardwood floors are durable and age well. Barring the more divisive parquet style, timber floors remain largely impervious to trends. It’s not just genuine timber floors that are catching buyers’ eyes. Timber-look floors like vinyl planks or laminate are more budget-friendly alternatives to real timber. The classic good looks of a timber floor guarantee interiors that will stay stylish over time for the new owners.

Open-plan Living

One of the most common changes Australians make to their floor plans is to knock down a wall and ‘open up the space’. An open plan home is desirable for a lot of prospective buyers because it creates a feeling of spaciousness and encourages communal living.

Outdoor Living

When it comes to selling a ‘lifestyle’ with your home, there’s nothing quite like the inclusion of an outdoor living area. Australians love to venture outside and enjoy the sunshine, so a dedicated outdoor space like a covered patio, especially if it connects well with the interior, will appeal to buyers looking to get the most enjoyment out of their new home.

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