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Our Range of Timber Flooring Products

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Timber flooring is well known for its durability, aesthetics and warmth of character. Our range of quality timber flooring products has been designed to last a lifetime, providing homes and offices with natural style for many years to come.

As Queensland’s timber flooring specialists, we have an extensive range of timber and hardwood grains to suit your budget and style. Our timber flooring colours vary from handcrafted white wood to dark roasted oak.

With over 20 varieties of wooden flooring products available, each with their own distinctive colouring, your choice of timber floor will help to define your living space. Whether you’re searching for timber flooring for the kitchen, living area, hallways or bedrooms, our team of specialists can assist you with the selection, installation and coating of timber flooring for your home or commercial area.

A section of our timber products can be found below. For further information about our hardwood flooring options, visit your local Andersens flooring showroom where our team of specialists can provide ideas and assistance for your living spaces.


Timber flooring is quick and easy to install. All you need is a level and dust free surface and you’re ready to go. Our team of flooring experts can provide you with tips on the installation of timber flooring, or we can arrange for a professional to install timber flooring in your home or commercial space.


Our timber flooring products are designed to last a lifetime. If you’re looking to preserve the beautiful finish of your timber flooring, follow our maintenance tips below.

  • Use felt floor protectors under furniture to prevent scratching of your timber floors
  • Place dirt trapping mats at entrances and exits of your property to prevent the build up of dust on your floors.
  • Sweep or vacuum regularly to remove grit and small stones which can scratch and abrade your wooden floor.
  • When washing, use a barely damp mop and the recommended timber floor cleaner for your specific grain. Our flooring specialists will be able to assist you to find the most appropriate cleaning product for your timber floor.
  • When the coating on your timber floor begins to show signs of wear, it is advisable to re-coat your floor. Re-coating is usually required every 5 – 10 years in most homes, depending on the level of traffic and wear and tear your floors are exposed to. In commercial areas with high foot traffic, floors may need to be re-coated more frequently.
  • Never steam clean your timber floor
  • Indentations and deep scratches in timber floors can often be filled using a matching coloured timber putty or special filling wax.


A quality coating will provide the best lifetime result for your wooden floors. A polyurethane coating will help your timber floor to withstand heavy traffic. Water based coatings are popular for commercial floors due to the fast drying time and minimal odour, however these coatings do not provide the same degree of durability for all timber floors.


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