2015 Home Design Trends

29 December 2014


With the New Year ahead, now is the time to start thinking about the plans for the remodelling you would like to do. Naturally it starts with inspiration, ideas, budget and careful planning.

Maybe start with something simple like alternative kitchen floor ideas. Have you considered cork or bamboo flooring? Well, perhaps you should as not only do they look beautiful, they’re super easy to maintain and best of all affordable.

Next up, how about bedroom floor ideas! Choose from a variety of flooring options to find the perfect look for your bedroom. Wooden floors are a classic choice for bedrooms, as they add both beauty and value to a home. They’re also great for the kid’s rooms as they are easy to clean and the floor will most likely age with your child and not need replacement.

The trend is still carpet for the master bedrooms. You can have wall-to-wall carpet installed, or choose a large carpet with bound edges that will let some of the underlying floor show around the perimeter of your room.  Which type of carpeting is best for your room…that depends on your preference and budget.

Don’t rule out tiles. It may not be a type of bedroom flooring you’ve considered, but it’s worth taking a look at, especially in out hot climate. The range of tiles is much greater now, they can be long and narrow, oversized or even mixed, giving you the opportunity to create stunningly original patterns and designs.

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