What Flooring Option Is Right For Your Bedroom

12 February 2018

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Your bedroom is your sanctuary. How it is designed should reflect your own personal style and allow for you to feel comfortable and at ease whenever you walk through your bedroom door. What flooring you choose for your bedroom can make a big difference to how it functions as a room. As well as comfortable, it should also be highly durable, attractive and complementary to your decorating style. Here are some things to consider when choosing flooring for your bedroom.


It’s hard to beat the natural appeal of real wood flooring. Timber flooring adds a timeless charm to any room. In Queensland, timber flooring tends to be a popular option as it allows for ventilation and will naturally cool down a room. The flip side to this is timber floors can be cold in winter especially when you first crawl out from your nice warm bed. An easy fix to this is to invest in a nice cozy rug to roll out in the cooler months.

Engineered Timber

Engineered wood is manufactured using nine layers of different wood veneers. Using engineered wood in your bedroom will give your room the timeless appeal of hardwood floors for a more affordable price, plus engineered timber is easier to install than traditional timber. No matter what style of interior you are going for with your bedroom timber flooring forms an ideal basis for most styles.


Carpet is available in a nearly endless range of colours and styles allowing for you to turn your bedroom into your dream sanctuary. Carpet is warm and soft on the feet and will give your bedroom a cozy appeal. Carpet can be budget friendly depending on the fiber you choose. For these reasons, it is probably the most popular flooring choice when it comes to the bedroom. There are two major types of carpets, cut pile and loop pile. With cut pile, the fibre loops are cut making them softer to touch. Loop pile carpet is harder to touch and easier to clean. The type of carpet you choose should depend on the bedroom. For example, a kids bedroom might benefit from a tougher loop pile, while a cozy adult sanctuary might be more suited to a textured cut pile carpet.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is available in a range of colours so can be used to suit any style of bedroom interior. Bamboo flooring is surprisingly durable and is actually stronger and harder than hardwood floors. A huge drawcard for bamboo is that it is the most eco-friendly form of flooring due to it’s fast regeneration process. If you want to have a stunning bedroom floor that you won’t have to feel guilty about, bamboo is a great choice.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring can look just like real wood but is more affordable. Vinyl comes in a variety of designs making it easy for you to find a style to suit the design of your bedroom. You can further lower the cost of your bedroom flooring by laying the vinyl yourself.


While traditionally tiles are not a common choice for the bedroom, this is a flooring option that shouldn’t be overlooked. Many people believe that tiles in the bedroom are too cold and clinical however in places where the climate is consistently warm year-round they are used to keep the bedroom cool. Using tiles in your bedroom might sound a little out there but when executed correctly they can be used to give your room a cool middle eastern or Mediterranean appeal.

If you are still unsure about which flooring choice is right for your bedroom, speak to the flooring experts at Andersens.

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