Making the Most of Your Space

21 December 2017

Interiors, Renovating

Underused space is common to a lot of homes. A spare bedroom, a raised house with nothing built underneath, or a junk-filled garage are all examples of wasted spaces in homes that are full of potential. Many property owners wonder about the possibilities for these spaces and dream of converting them into something special.

In our Designer Series video ‘Making the Most of Your Space’, Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors takes you through the transformation of the downstairs area in a Queenslander-style home. Read on to learn how we made the most of the space and get tips on how you can do the same for underused spaces in your own home.

Give the space a purpose

Often, wasted space in homes becomes haphazard storage space, taken over by old junk that prevents valuable real estate from actually being useful. The renovation featured in our video is a great example of getting the most out of your property by using the space more efficiently and giving it purpose. In this instance, the owners of the home wanted to convert the downstairs area of their property into a self-contained unit. In addition to adding a new liveable space to the home, the design is flexible enough to enable the owners to rent it out in future if they wish. Consider turning your underused spaces into functional workstations, hobby rooms, or relaxation spots.

Downstairs unit kitchenette

Create a harmonious design

When renovating an under-utilised space, match its look to your home’s existing style for a more harmonious design. The home in our video is a Queenslander, a distinctive style bursting with traditional charm. Aesthetically, it was important to make the renovated space reflect the character of the rest of the home while still sticking to a budget. The existing flooring and stairwell is timber so the goal was to use flooring for the new space that would complement this warmth and texture. Karndean Looselay Vinyl Plank was chosen because the authentic-looking texture of the planks offers the feel of timber flooring while being more cost-effective. If your space transformation doesn’t require new flooring, you can still tie the look of it in with the rest of your home through choice of wall treatment or window dressings, or adding furniture, fixtures, and decor objects in colours or finishes from your home’s existing palette. For more on creating a harmonious home design, you can watch our video here.

Wooden stairs

Decor objects on coffee table

Be practical

Making practical decisions when renovating your unused space will help to prolong the use you’ll get out of it. In our Queenslander home space renovation, the homeowners required a space that would hold up to wear and tear. As the space is located off the swimming pool, a waterproof flooring option was necessary, and the possibility of renting the space out meant the flooring needed to be durable enough to withstand any rental mishaps. Being durable, waterproof, and also low noise and low-maintenance, Karndean Looselay Vinyl Planks were the perfect choice. As the the vinyl planks can be replaced individually, any scratches or dents can be fixed with minimum fuss and cost.

If you’re considering a similar renovation, remember not to underestimate the effect your choice of floor will have on the space and keep your mind open to alternatives. You might be surprised by what you can achieve. For more expert advice on how to renovate your home, watch the rest of the Andersens Designer Series videos here.

You can get more advice on the best flooring and window covering options for your space transformation at your nearest Andersens showroom. Our friendly team members will be happy to assist you.

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