Making a Small Bathroom Sing

15 November 2018

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Does your home suffer from a small bathroom? Suffer no more! Everyone wants a place to unwind after a hard day at work and having limited space does not mean a stylish bath time retreat is out of your reach. Use these suggestions to inject luxury into a little room.

Maximise space

Consider abandoning traditional cabinetry for less bulky alternatives. A floating vanity with a shelf takes up less space than a vanity and under sink cabinet but still provides storage for necessities. Give the separate bathtub and shower a miss for a shower/tub combo or drop the tub altogether for a spacious walk-in shower. Take advantage of vertical space by mounting towel racks or shelves above one another. Build convenient storage by including an alcove inset from the wall. Create the illusion of space with a frameless door on your shower or a simple panel of glass to guard the spray.

Let the sunshine in

Lighting can make such a difference to how we perceive the size of a space. For small bathrooms, you need plenty of light to ensure the space doesn’t feel dark and cramped. Leave the window coverings behind for higher set windows to let natural light in. For larger windows, plantation shutters are a clean-looking option with great privacy control. Not much wall space for windows at all? Look up! A skylight will light your bathroom from the heavens and give it that “WOW” factor. Ditch nasty, cheap fluorescents for dimmable downlights to create a zen ambience at night.

The magic of mirrors

A mirror is a bathroom essential, but if it’s too small or in the wrong spot, your morning routine will be repeatedly frustrating. Why not convert the whole wall above your vanity into a mirror? The mirror will open up your space and you’ll have more room to get ready, especially if your bathroom is shared. Alternatively, install a mirrored cabinet for extra storage and a handy reflective surface in one.

Fancy fittings

Taps and shower heads are an opportunity to add flair to your small bathroom without taking up extra space. Do you like sleek, shiny chrome, or trendy, brushed brass? Antiqued pewter or minimalist matt black? Choose fittings in a finish and style to suit the look you want to create. A ceiling-mounted or rainforest shower head is a bit of modern luxury that you can add to a small bathroom when a freestanding tub isn’t an option. Consider wall mounting your faucets for a more streamlined effect and easier cleaning.

Upgrade your tiles

Bathroom renovations are costly, but the upside of having a smaller room to renovate is that you’ll need less of everything, including any pricier products you wish to use. Spring for a more expensive tile for your accents or select a bold patterned tile to breathe life into the small space. You don’t have to make everything in your bathroom plain white just because of its modest size.

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