Crafting the Perfect Entry to your Home

27 September 2016

Entryway, Renovating

Room: Entryway
Product: Easyfit KL410 Circus Wood Vinyl Plank

The first impressions of your home are lasting ones – all too often we overlook the impact the entryway has on the overall interior design of your home. Depending on the layout, the entryway may be a long hallway, opening to a lounge room, or even an entry into a sunroom, before entering the house. No matter how your home is designed, Andersens will have a flooring option to suit your space, turning your entryway into a great first impression for the rest of your home.

Arguably, the entryway may have one of the highest levels of foot traffic in your home – especially for those families who are constantly in and out attending sporting games or going to school. For those high-energy families, Andersens suggests choosing a flooring option which is durable enough to withstand scuffing, dirt, and general wear and tear, whilst maintaining its pristine look over time.

One of the most durable and attractive entryway flooring choices is the modern Vinyl Plank. Andersens vinyl flooring comes in two options: luxury or loose lay vinyl – both being treated with PU Polyurethane to make them scratch, shock, and water resistant – perfect for your home’s entryway. To learn more about the differences between luxury and loose lay vinyl, visit our Vinyl Flooring Page here.

From bright white oak vinyl planks to a deeper marble look tile, vinyl flooring can boast rich patterns, colours, and even textures in your chosen style. The planks simply drop into place and can be installed over pre-existing hard floors.

For our entryway, we have chosen the Easyfit KL410 Circus Wood natural look timber flooring. Choosing a natural look timber allows you to change the décor and furniture over time to suit your tastes, while always being complemented by your floor.

To match our floor, we have chosen natural look furniture and decor:

  • Modern wicker waiting chair
  • Timber top display table
  • Mix and match wicker storage holders
  • Nature inspired feature wallpaper
  • Framed nature inspired artworks
  • Indoor plants

The best thing about natural look flooring is its versatility to accommodate for your unique design style – from countryside chic to modern geometric – timber look flooring will always stay in fashion. Follow our entryway inspiration Pinterest board here to see more home entryway styles.

This blog post is a part of our Interior Styling series, helping you design from the floor up.

Entryway Styling Detail by Andersens

Entryway Flooring in Easyfit KL410 Circus Wood Vinyl Plank by Andersens

Entryway Styling by Andersens

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