Tips on how to get scuff marks off Wooden Floors

04 August 2014

Helpful Tips and Hints

A common concern for people who own wooden floors or are considering installing them is the care and maintenance – particularly how to clean marks off of them without causing damage. In this light, we’ve come up with a few little tips on how you will be able to get marks off hardwood floors using common household products. You don’t always need to buy a special product for the job although if you are in doubt, please check with one of our flooring specialists to ensure it is safe to use.

Here are our quick tips:


You can use a regular pencil eraser, although there are special hardwood flooring-rubber erasers designed especially for floor cleaning that work well on stubborn marks. Caution as it can cause dulling of protective finishes if used repeatedly.

WD-40 type product

This is safe and can also help give your wood some shine. It works best on light scuff marks. Remember to clean up thoroughly after use as it can leave the floor slippery.

Rubber soled shoe

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have an eraser, sometimes putting on rubber soled shoes and twisting one of them over the scuff mark will do the trick. Avoid using black, rubber soled shoes on light wood finishes.

Toothpaste or baking soda

These are two of the mildest abrasives around. Use a clean, damp cloth or an old, moistened toothbrush to apply them to the mark. Rub gently with the grain of the wood. If your wood is scratched or pitted, toothpaste and baking soda can leave a chalky residue that’s hard to remove.

Housecleaning eraser pad

Rub the scuff mark with the grain of the wood according to the manufacturer’s instructions. These new style cleaners look smooth and safe, and they usually are, but repeated use can dull surfaces, including wood.

Fine steel wool

For very stubborn marks on dark wood. Use only the finest steel wool (#000 or #0000). Can cause dulling and abrade the wood. If you wax your floor, try coating the wool in a waxing solution before you begin.

Mineral spirits (naptha)

Wipe scuff marks gently with a clean cloth. This is a caustic, flammable substance; so use caution.

Hardwood floors can be a beautiful addition to any room. With a little time and effort you can keep yours in good condition by removing unsightly scuff marks safely. Again, if you are unsure – please contact one of our Andersens flooring specialists today!

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