Modern Country Style

23 March 2015

Helpful Tips and Hints

Modern country style is a beautiful blend of modern and country elements, which involves a bit of the unexpected. This style of decoration combines rustic, found and industrial elements with traditional country decorating materials such as wood, iron and natural objects. No matter what first comes to mind, the modern country cottage style is a place of unpretentious simplicity.

The best way to make a modern statement in a modern country room is to go eclectic. Stylists or designers don’t follow a secret decorating rule book, there are no hard and fast laws governing what to do. Learning to let your creativity and intuition be your main guide together with some general principles will help ensure a great result.

Incorporating traditional country-style.

  • Modern country style is less cluttered and fussy than traditional country décor with the focus on comfort, furniture should be inviting and promote relaxation.
  • Embrace shabby chic – the antiqued, distressed, white-washed wood furniture combined with thick cushions and fabric items in feminine patterns work together to create this style. Add pieces of furniture alongside your couches with items such as loveseats or settees integrating fabrics in in updated patterns, all in keeping with the feeling of sink in and put your feet up.
  • What’s particularly fun about modern country style is the way that accents such as wooden beams, floral motifs and distressed furnishings combine with contemporary touches like clean lines, industrial lighting and minimalist design that all work together to create the modern country style.
  • Be creative add unrelated pieces such as a crystal chandelier with modern and rustic pieces. Add imaginative playful pieces and whimsical elements that will add colour to the room.
  • Flooring is varied and your choices are unlimited. Hardwood floors will add warmth, ceramic tiles will adds practicality and carpets or rugs in lush pile adds to luxury and comfort.

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