Getting your house clean! Part 2

11 February 2013

Helpful Tips and Hints

With our Dyson vacuum cleaner give-away this month, we thought, why not share some easy to do cleaning tips and tricks with our customers and readers. Last week we shared 5 tips in our part 1 post. This week we continue with another 5 helpful tips.

  • To help reduce the risk of stains on a marble bench-top, try buffing some car polish onto it. This leaves a thin invisible film which helps repel stains.


  • If you have accidentally broken glassware and are struggling to pick up all those tiny left over fragments of broken glass, try pressing a piece of bread onto the area for a quick and easy solution.


  • If you have furniture indents in pure wool carpet (only), place a tea towel over the area and then press with a warm iron. The heat will lift the vibres and give you a smoother result.


  • To avoid your bathroom mirrors steaming up, try and regularly rub a dry soap bar over the surface of the mirror and then rub in with a clean cloth. [while not really cleaning, we thought it was a great tip anyway!]


  • If you need to remove some oil from silk clothing, we suggest gently rubbing some cornflour into the affected area, leave it to sit for a few hours before lightly brushing or shaking it off. Then either hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle to finish the process.


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s tips. Please join us next week for 5 more helpful home tips.

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