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05 December 2017

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We all want our homes to look like something out of a Vogue magazine. Unfortunately, the one thing that can get in our way is the price tag. From affordable flooring alternatives to DIY furniture, we have put together a list of ways to help you design a luxury home on a budget.

Keep things minimalistic

When it comes to creating a luxury look in your home, it helps to keep things simple. Focus on removing clutter and instead create a clean sophisticated aesthetic with a few eye-catching feature pieces in each room. This might be an interesting piece of vintage furniture or a unique light fitting. 

Hang your curtains high

Luxurious houses often have high ceilings and large windows that let in plenty of natural light. You may not have such windows in your home but you can replicate this look without blowing your budget by simply hanging your curtains as high and close to the ceiling as possible. This will fool the eye into thinking the window are bigger than they actually are.

DIY furniture fixups

A good way to freshen up your home is by giving your furniture a DIY fix up. Simple things such as reupholstering couches with some unique material or giving your chairs and tables a fresh lick of paint will give your home a whole new life.

Use plenty of white

White walls have a tendency to make a room appear more spacious. If you have a room that feels a little too small and pokey, consider giving it a fresh new white paint job this will make the room appear larger and will also make the space feel lighter.

Don’t forget the smaller details

When it comes to creating a luxury look in your home, the key is in the small details. You might like to start with the bathroom by cleaning out your sink and replacing messy looking mixed lotion bottles with matching reusable ones. Spend the weekend looking for unique items that will add detail to your home such as vintage hand painted door nobs, interesting light shades, or artwork.

Luxury Vinyl

Have you been dreaming off hardwood floors but simply don’t have the budget to get them installed? Vinyl is an affordable flooring option that will help to achieve a luxury look for less. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of styles and is designed to mimic traditional flooring choices such as timber or stone. The wide available of styles will allow you to design a luxury home for an affordable price.

Searching For More Affordable Flooring Alternatives?

If you’re searching for more ways to design a luxury home for less, view our range of affordable flooring online or visit an Andersens showroom today.

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