7 Tips For Bathroom Tiles: How to Choose The Perfect Tile for Your Bathroom

05 January 2018

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When it comes to choosing the right tile for your bathroom, there are plenty of aspects that homeowners often forget to consider. Here are some basic things to keep in mind when selecting tiles for your bathroom.

Non-slip tiles

When it comes to tiling your bathroom floor it is often a good idea to consider non-slip tiles. A textured tile will create a non slip surface that will make the bathroom a safer place for the whole family. A heavily textured tile can be difficult to clean so it is worth considering how your bathroom will be used before choosing this option. Non-slip tiles come in a range of styles and colours so they are both a safe and stylish option.

Gloss Tiles

While gloss tiles often add a touch of glamour to your bathroom, they can also be very slippery. That doesn’t mean they should be banned from the bathroom altogether, you might choose to use a gloss tile on your bathroom walls.

Polished Porcelain Tiles

Polished porcelain tiles can add a nice touch to your bathroom when used as sink splashbacks and on shower walls. Like gloss tiles they can be slippery so it is best to avoid using them on bathroom floors. Porcelain tiles also reflect light and make the room appear bigger.

Colourful Tiles

Choosing a bold colourful tile will give your bathroom a unique appearance. Consider bathroom fittings when choosing coloured tiles to make sure they compliment each other and bring the room together.

Dark Tiles

Dark tiles can provide the bathroom with a stylish and classy appearance. They are great in communal bathrooms as they disguise dirt and grim and make your bathroom much easier to maintain. You might want to consider using a darker tile for your shower.

Large Tiles

Large tiles look great in a bathroom and are also more cost-effective as you don’t need to buy as many of them. Large tiles create fewer grout traps so they are easier to clean.

Keep it simple

While you might want to include a feature tile in your bathroom, keep your selection to a minimum. Having too many different styles of tiles in your bathroom will make it feel cluttered. A good rule of thumb is to include no more than three different tiles in one bathroom, floor tiles, wall tiles and a possible feature tile to give your bathroom a bit of flare.

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