How to choose the right Carpeting for your Commercial Space

Commercial spaces are high in foot traffic, susceptible to mess and are required to stay in place for a long period of time. Choosing commercial carpet comes with a long list of considerations and should not be taken lightly. Whatever flooring you decide on, it needs to be suitable for the space, durable, easy to clean, cost-efficient, have a classified fire rating and is preferably timeless in aesthetic. The location and use of your commercial space play a big role in the type of commercial carpeting required. Office and educational spaces such as classrooms and libraries usually require carpeting, which is not always practical for other commercial spaces. Consider the following tips when looking into your new commercial carpet flooring.

Carpet Colour

Colour plays an important role in two ways. Firstly, and most importantly, a good colour choice means everyday dirt, stains and scuff marks can remain relatively hidden. This means your commercial space remains looking clean, without the need for constant, over the top upkeep. Washing carpets cost time and money and is something that can be minimised with a good colour choice. Carpets in grey’s, navy’s, browns and beiges hide dirt the best, particularly when they are done in a mild pattern.  The overall colour choice also plays a huge role in the style and feel of the space. Consider your clientele base, work description and company branding when choosing the colour of your commercial flooring.

Carpet Texture

Once again, the texture of your carpet plays a role in hiding traces of everyday wear and tear. Not only does it minimise the appearance of dirt, it also works to reduce the visibility of matting and wear down. Carpet texture is about the pile, the three major categories are cut pile, loop pile and combination pile.  With cut pile carpeting, the carpet is made from strands of yarn that are cut at the end, resulting in a very soft, squishy feel. There are five styles of cut pile carpeting, however for commercial spaces Cable is best. This style has a lot of twist and height in the carpet which is better for high traffic areas. Loop pile carpet is where the yarn is looped together instead of being cut, resulting in a very strong carpet with a good ability to hide dirt. If you want a more durable loop carpet then go for level-loop where the strands are the same height.  Multi-loop have strands at differing heights which create patterns in the carpet but are at higher risk of showing worn down areas. The final texture is combination carpet, where the carpet includes both cut and loop pile carpeting. Depending on the space, this style could be perfect for your area as you can combine the textures to your needs.

Carpet Thickness

Carpet thickness is generally referred to as low pile, medium pile and high pile. The height of the pile reflects the thickness of the carpet. When choosing commercial flooring, low or medium pile thickness is preferable. These textiles are woven together more tightly. This means dust and dirt are easier to clean as they don’t dig into the carpet. Furthermore, matting and wear down from foot traffic is less visible.

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