Baroque (Rococo) Style

30 March 2015

Helpful Tips and Hints

Baroque style originated in Italy in the seventeenth century. This style is theatrical, extravagant and exaggerated luxury and opulence. This ostentatious style was favoured by royalty and the churches throughout Europe in the seventeenth century.  This rich and dramatic style was a means to impress and flaunt power and control.

Today we are seeing a resurgence of modernized baroque, particularly in the bedroom and study.

Rococo is a lighter, more whimsical version of the Baroque style, using a pastel palette and light-hearted art.

A quick guide on how to achieve a baroque look.

  • The Baroque color palette is flamboyant and intense, incorporating dark reds or greens to enhance gold accent features that are commonly used to decorate mirrors, art and accessories.
  • Baroque interiors are highly detailed, including intricately carved wood detailing paired with luxurious textiles used for furniture, wall and window coverings.
  • Furniture characterized as dramatic, opulent and luxurious with rich colors, intricately designed furniture, gilded and ornamental accessories and high-end textiles.
  • Floors are typically made from high-end materials such as solid wood or marble
  • Large room-sized, hand-woven rugs are placed to soften spaces
  • Furniture is intricately detailed to accent embellishments with curved legs, carved details and gilding to create the final massive piece.
  • Gold frames and gilding on statues and pottery are common
  • Large mirrors, crystal chandeliers, door knobs and pulls are commonly used. Luxury fabrics in damask and floral prints are used for upholstery, wall coverings and floor-to-ceiling window coverings.

Modern variations

  • Furniture that is oversized and ornately carved and painted. Gilded and inlaid wood with precious materials such as silver, ivory, mother of pearl and ebony
  • Hang pictures and mirrors with gilded frames so the lean forward for a low reflection of light.
  • Choose fabrics with big patterns, especially exotic chinoiserie designs of dragons, entwined trees, birds and butterflies.
  • Dress up bed areas with suspended hangings all around, including fringed or tasseled trim.
  • For limited budgets, achieve the look with one or two distinctive items and several plainer pieces.
  • Wing chairs or chairs with low, wide seats, high backs and scrolled arms of polished oak or walnut
    Chandeliers- carved or gilded wood, rock-crystal, silver or brass epitomize Baroque opulence.

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