A Stylish, Kid-Friendly Home

As anyone with children will know, the pristine interiors found in blogs and magazines without just don’t match the reality of a home with a growing family. Part of designing a suitable home for life with kids means making design concessions for their wellbeing. Everyone has to make changes for children, and if it extends to interior design, you can take solace in the fact that nowadays, there are stylish, kid-friendly options available when it comes to decorating your home. See how you can maintain your sense of style while ensuring your kids grow up happy and safe.


For little feet still finding their way in the world, rounded edges on furniture are a must. Thankfully, kid-friendly, curvy furniture is in, so a plush couch will look chic and still cushion any little run-ins your child may have. Opting for materials like leather, vinyl, plastic, or even outdoor materials in your furniture will mean that even if they do get dirty, it won’t be the end of the world. Removable couch and seat covers are a godsend for anyone wanting fabric furniture without the stress. Ottomans and poufs are also a good choice thanks to their rounded shape and perfect height for tykes.


When you arm a child with a crayon, walls are a common casualty. But if protecting your walls are a concern, why not embrace your child’s artistic sensibilities with washable or chalk wall paint? Wash-and-wear paint means marks can easily be wiped off and chalk paint transforms your wall into an instant canvas for your child. Alternatively, encourage your child to explore their creativity by framing their artworks and displaying them on the wall. This way, you can keep their drawing confined to paper but you won’t stifle their creativity.


Clutter is a fact of life in homes with children – or is it? With ample storage throughout your home, you can keep your home tidier. Keeping your valuable or fragile items tucked away from the reach of small hands will allow you peace of mind and also ensure your child’s safety. Having storage higher up on the wall or lockable cabinets can help with this problem. You can also encourage your child to clean up after themselves. Provide your child with storage chests or baskets for their toys and shelves for their books. Child-height hooks on walls are great for clothing. This way, your child can learn how to do their part in keeping a tidy home.


Spills are inevitable with kids around, but you can be selective about flooring for easier cleanup. Vinyl plank flooring is an increasingly popular alternative to hardwood because of its lower-cost, durability, and good-looks. These stylish floor coverings imitate the look and texture of wood whilst being waterproof and low-maintenance. Carpet is a very comfortable option for children but some people are concerned about upkeep. Luckily, carpet is now available in stain-resistant fibres, so you can have flooring which cushions your child’s falls that will still resist soiling – very kid-friendly.

For more advice on the best floor or window coverings for your home with children, talk to a friendly team member at an Andersens store near you.

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