Carpet Cleaning

The upkeep and maintenance of your carpet is essential to prolong its life, as well as keep your home healthy and safe from collecting dust and mites. Andersens Carpet Cleaning Services are able to help you properly maintain your carpet by offering professional cleaning services. Specialising in deep carpet cleaning using industrial grade equipment, we lift the dirt out to ensure your carpet gets a thorough clean and is not left wet and soggy.

DIY self-steaming options can damage man-made carpet fibres or shrink natural carpets such as wool. It can also leave the underside if your carpet damp, resulting in mould growth that can damage your health. Certain detergents and chemicals can leave residues on your carpet, attracting more dirt than previously.

Not only are Andersens Cleaning Services able to clean your carpet, but also your window coverings and other flooring options such as bamboo and cork. Using Australian Carpet Cleaning Standards approved cleaning materials, we ensure a thorough clean and peace of mind for the environment.

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