Window Coverings

In the home design process, window coverings are often left until last, but Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors says that they should really be planned early on as they often need to be custom-made to fit your windows’ dimensions. To get you started on thinking about window coverings for your next renovation, Lauren has some advice to offer on what window coverings will suit different rooms in your home best.

Living Areas

Lauren is a big fan of using sheer curtains in main living areas. For inner-city areas, this is a particularly smart choice because homes are usually quite close to one another, meaning you want a window covering solution that lets light in but not your neighbours’ eyes. A sheer curtain has the upside of accenting or creating the illusion of high ceilings, letting in light, while still providing you with privacy.


For kitchens, Lauren suggests using a roman blind. Roman blinds are an attractive option that provide an opportunity to add some colour and texture. Roller blinds are also a good choice, versatile enough to suit most kitchen designs. For a cleaner effect, recess the blind into your architrave.

Bedroom with sheer white curtains


In an Australian climate, leaving a window open at night is ideal to let the air in during the warmer months. Lighter-weight blinds like romans and rollers can hit the window frame when blown in by the breeze, waking you up. Lauren likes using shutters and curtains that enable you to let in the breeze without any unexpected bumps in the night.

Bathroom shower with high-set window


The most important consideration you need to keep in mind when choosing window coverings for the bathroom is resistance to water and mildew. Lauren personally prefers to install shutters or blinds in the bathroom, but your choice should really come down to your window placement. Bathroom windows are usually made from opaque glass. If opaque windows are set high up in your shower, then you don’t need to install any coverings. For windows situated above the bathtub, try installing a decorative roman blind using an outdoor fabric for improved durability or opt for classic shutters instead.

Fitting out an entire house with window treatments is a big investment, both time and money-wise, so start planning early. Can’t decide? The experts at Andersens can help you make the best choice for your home. Visit your nearest showroom to get some professional advice.

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