Vintage vs Contemporary

16 August 2018

Interiors, Renovating

When renovating a home or remodelling a room, one challenge you may face is how to make the old work with the new. If there are vintage elements which you wish to keep, combining them with more contemporary additions can bring your home’s design into the 21st century. A good tip for successfully marrying features from different eras is to reference the older style in your new inclusions.

Vintage exterior design

New additions should work in harmony with any permanent existing features that you’re keeping. In the Queenslander home featured, Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors recognised the age of the house, and out of respect for its history, worked to blend in the extensions with the original look of the building.

Open plan interior design

To achieve this, Lauren carried over the traditional visual elements of the building on the exterior of the extension. The interiors, on the other hand, were designed to be more suited to modern living. Contemporary lifestyles in Australia ask for plenty of space for the family to congregate or entertain. Kitchens, lounge rooms, and dining rooms of the past may have been separated out into their own rooms, but nowadays, an open-plan living space is more desirable. By using an open-plan interior design and adopting the vintage style for the exterior, the end result is an inviting, liveable extension that looks like it has always been there.

Queenslander home deck

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