The Lounge Room Retreat

23 November 2016

Interiors, Living Room, Renovating

Room: Lounge Room
Product: Crystal Creek 72/Retreat

The lounge room – be it high-end chic or French country casual – is always going to be a beautiful space and a real looking glass into your style. From the choice of your lounge suite to the colour palette on your walls, they all convey to your guests who you are. The flooring choice, an equally important decision, should be of a more formal style to give the room a solid design point you can build upon effortlessly.

For our Hamptons-inspired lounge room, we’ve chosen the Andersens Crystal Creek Retreat carpet, a textured loop, solution-dyed nylon for a great classic look. As we have chosen a lighter hue for the lounge, it’s important to make sure you won’t have any issues keeping it clean, which is why we’ve chosen a Stainmaster carpet. Not only is it guarded from simple spills but it’s also resistant to fading from UV light.

To keep the room looking bright and compliment your carpeting choice, choose a lighter colour for the walls. You can then offset the light wall and carpet colours with darker upholstery and furnishings in a mix of print and plain. Having a lighter base colour allows you to add your personal touch in unexpected ways, always complimenting your style and telling a story.

To complete our Hamptons-style room, we’ve added a navy touch and coastal-themed trinkets, combined with natural wicker furniture.

  • Ornamental sea shells
  • Navy colour pillows
  • Beige coastal embellished pillows
  • Natural wicker relaxation chairs
  • Cork coffee and side table
  • Coastal photography

A lounge room should feel comfortable yet be easy to maintain, so make sure your carpet selection is chosen carefully – you don’t want to worry about every little spill. Stainmaster ensures you can choose a lighter colour without any additional worry, giving a gorgeous, light, inviting feel to your lounge room and a perfect place to show off your style. See more of our minimalist lounge room inspiration on Pinterest.

This blog post is a part of our Interior Styling series, helping you design from the floor up.

Lounge Room Retreat Objets d'Art

Lounge Room Retreat Feature Table

Lounge Room Retreat Cushion

Lounge Room Retreat Carpet Detail

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