Establishing Your Own Style

06 February 2018

Interiors, Renovating

Renovating your home can be very exciting, and deciding on a style for your interiors is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the process. In our video, Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors shows you how she styled a renovation to suit a character home. Read on for advice on how you can develop a unique style for your own renovation.

Architectural style

Looking at the architectural style of your home can help you steer your styling direction. The home renovated in our video is a Queenslander, a high-set house constructed of timber, so we made sure the style we chose honoured this distinctive style of architecture.

View in to living space

Colour palette

Colour is highly evocative and can have a dramatic effect on how your home feels. If you’re struggling to define your colour palette, begin by looking at the existing colours in your home. Picking out complementary colours helps to integrate your renovation with the rest of your home. For the renovation in our video, we chose to match the colours of the renovated upstairs area to facilitate a smooth visual transition between floors.

Picking colours that work together can be a challenge. There are interior design tools available online that you can use to generate ideas for colour palettes, but to judge colour more accurately, it’s best to compare swatch cards and material samples for real in your home so you can see how they interact with the existing design features and lighting conditions.

View out from living space

Furniture and furnishings

As with choosing colour palettes, selecting furnishings that match your existing decor will yield the most harmonious design result. We chose contemporary furnishings for the Queenslander home in our video. The contrast between the cleaner lines of the furniture and the decorative detail of the architecture creates a look that’s airy and bright, maintaining the open feel of this style of home.

If you like a mish mash of styles, you can go for an eclectic look that blends them all together. Of course, mixing design styles can be more of a balancing act, so consult an interior designer for the most harmonious results.

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Special touches

Splurging a bit on additional design details or statement pieces can really elevate your style from humdrum to “who’d you hire to do this?!”. It shows you’ve put careful thought into your design and gives the eye something to focus on. For the renovation in our video, we splashed out on some extra detail in the ceiling to echo the traditional features of the upstairs level. We also repurposed some French doors as a cost-effective way of creating a connection to the outdoor lifestyle synonymous with Australian living.

With considered design choices, your home can become a shining reflection of your personality. Have fun renovating and remember if you run into roadblocks, you can always ask for help.

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