Consistent Style on a Budget

04 July 2018

Interiors, Renovating

When renovating or remodeling a home, budget is always a primary concern. Often, budgets can restrict our design decisions or force us to choose low-cost options. Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors believes that you don’t have to let this compromise your desired look for your home. She thinks it is possible to maintain a consistent style throughout your home as long as you learn to be a bit crafty with your spending.

Queenslander home

One opportunity for keeping your costs low is in your window frames. Oftentimes, older homes will have timber window frames which can be reused. Lauren likes to maintain the timber detailing in living spaces. Window coverings are often open in these areas, meaning the window frames can be seen and the classic aesthetic appeal of timber frames can be appreciated. For rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms that aren’t usually street-facing, Lauren advises that this is a good opportunity to cut back on costs by using budget-friendly aluminium window frames.

Aluminium window frame

Another area where you can watch your budget is bathrooms and kitchens. These rooms can eat up a lot of your funds, but there are still ways you can prevent overspending. Many heritage style homes feature custom joinery that has been built to last. In these instances, you can often get away with simply resurfacing the joinery or refreshing it with new doors or drawers. If you do find the joinery is beyond saving, look to flat-pack ready-made cabinetry for a cost-effective solution. There are now a wide range of quality, adjustable and affordable options available to you – just make sure you select a style that suits the look you’re after. Another way of keeping within budget when redoing the bathroom or kitchen is to make sure you don’t reposition anything that is connected to plumbing. This will require the services of a plumber, and in turn, a great deal more money and time. When tiling your bathrooms, you can save money by not tiling all the way to the ceiling. This style of tiling is particularly suitable for older style homes and will help to keep your costs in check.

Refresh old bathroom or kitchen joinery

Lauren is a firm believer in buying once and buying well. Her advice to her clients is that “even if you don’t have the budget to finish the space with all the furniture and accessories straight away, have your look sorted”. Knowing what look you’d like to achieve for your space and what furniture you’d like to place inside it means that even if it takes you some time to bring all the elements together, the end result will be consistent. Having a plan for the furniture you want in place first will also help you to define your colour palette. For example, you can lift a colour from a rug or sofa to use in your palette and tie your space together.

Lounge room in a Hamptons style

Keep these tips in mind and you can design a space on budget without having to sacrifice style. Know where to spend and save and you’ll still be able to achieve your dream home.

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