Choosing Timeless Flooring for your Dining Room

12 October 2016

Dining Room, Interiors, Renovating

Room: Dining Room
Product: Sorrento Vinyl 197

From modern dinner parties to traditional family usage – the dining room transcends all entertaining genres. This room is as multi-functional as they come, so the flooring you choose will play a major part in complementing your home’s interior as well as enduring the stresses of chair movement, and of course cleaning efficiency.

The perfect choice in this room is Andersens’ vinyl plank. With incredible durability, affordability and a vast array of designs and textures, it’s a great value option to give you a versatile look to suit your décor style. If you’re after extra reassurance vinyl is the right choice and will last, our Andersens vinyl choice for this room has a 15 year warranty.

In our dining room we have used a beige and grey mix timber look Sorrento Vinyl for a versatile base. Our vinyl flooring choice has the benefit of being able to achieve both a modern and traditional look at the same time; whether you’re designing for a contemporary, chic look or a rustic, country style warmth, it is the perfect base.

Don’t be afraid to use colour on your walls to complement the flooring – using a colour of the same hue as your vinyl flooring can achieve a warm, balanced flow within the room. To break up these hues and add life, place a central statement art piece to become the star of the room and create a harmonious look. In our dining room we have chosen:

  • Deep slate wall colour
  • Bold artwork with gold and blue flections – complementing the grey
  • Slate Concrete look dining table
  • Dark seating arrangements to contrast with the hues
  • Dark wooden feature table
  • Gold and blue décor accessories to complement the artwork

By choosing one or two statement colours to break up the monotone hues, you can achieve a dining room look that is warm, inviting but also modern and chic. See more of our dining room inspiration on Pinterest.

This blog post is a part of our Interior Styling series, helping you design from the floor up.

Andersens Dining Room styling

Andersens Dining Room styling vessels

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