Minimalist Style

16 March 2015


Minimalist style is a modern style that is often misrepresented by thinking its Spartan, devoid of character and life, when it in fact minimalist is actually sophistication and elegance combined with comfort and practicalism.  The definition of minimalism is a design style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create maximum effect.

Adopting a minimalist style in your home will bring an organised, streamlined functional charm that can result in a calming, stress-less home environment.

How can you introduce a minimalistic style into your home?

Start with one room at a time, the biggest things in any room are the furniture, so you should always begin simplifying a room by looking at the furniture.  The fewer pieces of furniture, without sacrificing comfort and practicality the better.

Avoid anything too complex and think of simplicity and minimalism.  Avoid clutter, conceal as much stuff as you can behind cupboards, cabinets or any “out of sight” places. Not only is this more aesthetically pleasing but it is also practical allowing for easier cleaning with less objects to have to dust and clean around.

Stick to a colour story, use single colour with shade variations to create harmony. If you have more than one colour tie everything together with your main colour to create a unified palette.

Balance is important in a minimalist design, arrange items in pairs or asymmetrically so their positioning plays off each other.  Consolidate similar home décor items such as picture frames in designated areas. By grouping similar objects together you make a stronger statement rather than scattering them about.

Choose a focal point for each space, like a centrally placed piece of furniture, around which other objects may be oriented. Try picturing your room as a grid-be aware of the vertical and horizontal lines that you introduce with each piece of furniture or decorative object.

Floors and window covering are important features in the minimalistic style. Keep floors and window covers in a solid colour, avoid ornate and complex designs and patterns. Solid flooring that is simple like, hardwood, laminated floors, ceramic tiles or solid colour carpet preferably in earth colours like beige tans, and brown is a good choice a for minimalist design style.

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