How To Achieve A Hamptons Style Home

23 February 2018


The Hamptons home style may have originated on the east coast of the USA, but here in Australia we are taking its relaxed yet elegant design elements and making them our own. If you are loving the Hamptons look, here are some ways you can introduce it into your own home.

Hamptons Colour Palette

Hamptons interiors tend to include calm neutral palettes accented with ocean-inspired hues such as greens, blues, and greys. Traditionally, this decorating style also includes hints of timber which you might include in your own home by using a piece of furniture such as a coffee table or side table or even a decorative piece of driftwood.

A Balance of Comfort and Sophistication

The trick to achieving the perfect Hamptons style home is to strike the perfect balance between comfort and sophistication. When it comes to furniture stick to classic and timeless styles rather then what is on trend. Include comfortable accessories such as throw pillows and rugs to give the house warmth and texture.

Timber Flooring

Hampton style homes traditionally include the use of polished timber flooring throughout the home with textured rugs thrown in for comfort and added texture. Timber flooring not only looks luxurious, it’s also a practical choice for a coastal home to limit a build up of sand.

A Light Breezy Atmosphere

Hampton homes are traditionally open plan. They include French doors opening onto wide verandas to create a light and breezy atmosphere. Creating this effect is essential to capturing the essence of Hamptons interior. Keep the treatment of your windows and doors light with billowy sheer curtains. You may even consider some renovations to open up your home. A skylight will help to allow in natural light and keep the space bright and cheerful.

Use of Wicker or Rattan

A Hamptons home would not be complete without a little wicker or rattan. Not only are these natural materials traditional elements of the style, they instantly add warmth and texture to a neutral space. These materials can be added to any space in a way that is both visually appealing and practical. Rattan can be used in the form of a tray, basket, pot plant or for general storage. Wicker offers a lovely pattern and texture and is often used to built comfortable chairs perfect for sitting on your deck and looking out to sea.

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