Top Tips To Keep Your House Cool This Summer

05 December 2017

Helpful Tips and Hints

With summer just on the horizon, it is time to start preparing for those intense heat waves. Don’t spend this season sweating it out in a hotbox or blowing out your electricity bill by blasting the air-con around the clock, follow these simple tricks to keep your house cool this Summer.

1. Let night air in

Nighttime, when temperatures drop, should be your cue to open as many doors and windows as possible and make the most of the cooler temperatures. You’d be surprised what a difference opening a few doors will do to help improve the circulation of cool air in your home.

2. Make the most of your outdoor area

Do you have a barbeque or outdoor kitchen? It might be worth investing in one. In the summer it is best to avoid using heat-generating appliances like the stove, oven and dishwasher in the house. Make a habit of using an outdoor grill as often as possible to keep your house cool this summer.

3. Plant plenty of trees

Create natural shade for your home by planting plenty of trees around the areas of your house the get the most sun. This is a long-term solution but will certainly pay off when you no longer have to blast the aircon 24/7.

4. Invest in quality blinds

A lot of the heat in your house comes from the sun streaming through your windows and essentially creating a greenhouse effect. This is especially the case with southwest facing windows. Shading your windows with blinds is a great way to cool down your home and save money on power bills. Andersens has a range of window blinds that are not only quality but also aesthetically pleasing so as to not detract from the look of your home.

5. Get window shutters

Another great way of cooling your home is by investing in shutters. Shutters can provide climate control for internal and external areas. They can control airflow reducing the need for air-conditioning. Check out our wide variety of window shutters here.

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