The Wonders of Woolen Carpets

Wool carpet is the luxury flooring option that looks great and feels great in any room. Here are some of the other major benefits of installing woollen carpets in your home.

Environmentally friendly

Not many people realise that wool carpet is one of the most environmentally friendly flooring options for a number of reasons. Wool is grown naturally without the use of harsh chemicals. Woollen carpet has one of the lowest carbon footprints due to its low energy manufacturing process when compared to other flooring options. It has the ability to save household energy thanks to the fibres natural insulation features. Wool is biodegradable and can eventually rejoin the natural lifecycle after many years of use in your home.


In nature, wool acts to protect sheep from weather and other environmental factors this is why it is so strong and durable as a flooring option. The strength of the wool carpet will be able to withstand plenty of foot traffic.

Wide range of textures and colours

Wool carpet is a truly luxurious flooring option that comes in a wide range of colours and textures to suit any room. You’ll be amazed how the right wool carpet can transform your home.

Stain resistance

Unlike carpets made from other fibres, woollen carpets are much more stain resistance. They do a good job of hiding soil stains and repelling oil stains, whereas other fibres tend to attract oil.


When comfort is the main priority in your home, wool carpet is the ultimate go-to option. Wool uniquely combines softness and springiness and will maintain its comfort for years to come.

Natural flame resistance

Woollen carpet is certainly one of the safest flooring options because of it’s natural resistance to burning. Wool has a high protein and moisture content making it difficult for it to catch fire. If wool does manage to catch fire it burns much more weakly than other flooring options making it difficult for the fire to spread.

Health benefits

There are a number of health benefits associated with wool carpet. Wool carpet acts as a natural air filter, trapping dust and pollen and other allergens and keeping them clear of the breathing zone. Wool is also made from long course fibres that cannot be inhaled and are not feed upon on by dust mites. These benefits combined make them a great option for anyone who suffers from asthma or allergies.

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