Self-lay installation Pros and Cons.

10 November 2014

Helpful Tips and Hints

Self-lay can be a huge saving on that home or reno project… provided you use good material and follow the instructions for installation! Short cuts in any installation are a guarantee for trouble in the future, so it’s important that you choose the right option for your skill level. For instance, if you’ve had experience with laying wooden floors (successfully) in the past, then laying your own floors should be a breeze! If however, you are like so many of us and haven’t had any experience, there’s really only one safe option – Looselay!

This handy vinyl floor is not only amazing to look at but it’s also amazingly easy for a layman to install – check out our CEO Brian giving a quick demo here

Still, despite its relative ease of use, there are a few pros and cons you need to lookout for:


  1. Loose-lay gives you many different varieties that are easy and convenient to install.
  2. The self-lay savings increases your budget allowance for flooring – making this better flooring options more affordable.
  3. Our loose-lay product is designed to give you a professional finish without experience.
  4. The need for special tools and experience is virtually eliminated
  5. Self-satisfaction of a job well done priceless.
  6. You can lay your flooring straight over your old tiles, wooden floors or previously laid vinyl – in fact, the only flooring you’d have to lift would be carpets.


  1. Stairs can be a bit tricky and may require a professional’s help
  2. Edges can prove tricky
  3. If your floors are uneven, you may be left with a less than desirable finish

Andersens is currently running a special on our Van Gogh loose-lay.

From only $32.90 per week (36 months interest free) and self lay installation, you can afford to spoil yourself and transform your home just in time for the holiday season!

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