Love Your Little Laundry

Unless you own a bottomless wardrobe, the laundry is one room you’ll frequently use. Laundries tend to be one of the smallest rooms in the home, if you have one at all. Anyone with a small laundry can understand the frustration that comes with doing the washing in a cramped space. Give some thought to your laundry’s design to make the most of the limited room.


If you can’t build a bigger laundry, you can at least create the illusion of one. Tiles are often used in laundries because of their waterproof quality. Choosing the right tile can make your small space seem bigger. A good rule to follow is to use no more than two or three types of tile. You want to prevent the room from looking too busy. Laying tiles diagonally will draw the eye out, and using larger format tiles will minimise grout lines for a more spacious feel.


Assess how you use your laundry. Do you need a sink for hand-washing? If you fold your laundry in another part of the house, you can minimise the need for bench space. Will your laundry be air-dried or will you use a dryer? Your laundry requirements will define how to organise your space.

The washing machine

The workhorse of the laundry, there are pros and cons to both top loaders and front loaders. A top loader might be more suitable if you have a large family as they can generally handle bigger loads. Front loaders can be installed underneath a bench to save space. Combination washer dryers can be a godsend for apartment living if you have limited space for air-drying outside.

The sink

Not everything can be machine-washed, and for that, it’s useful to have a laundry sink. Install a sink with a cabinet underneath to increase your storage. When not in use, a sink cover can transform your sink area into more bench space.

Laundry baskets

Free-standing laundry baskets can eat up valuable floor space. If you are designing your laundry anew, look for ways to integrate laundry baskets into your cabinetry with designs like built-in pull-out baskets. Collapsible laundry baskets can also be conveniently folded away when your washing is done.


Utilise vertical space to install shelves or cabinets to keep your bench clear. Sliding doors on cabinets will eat up less room. Alternatively, opt for open shelving that doesn’t need space for doors to open out.

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