Kitchen Flooring 101: Durability and Affordability

09 February 2015

Helpful Tips and Hints

The first question you need to address is why are you currently opting for a kitchen reno? The most common reasons for this are a lack of space, reduced functionality or an outdated look.  The type of flooring you choose is the one of the most important parts of remodeling your kitchen because… let’s face it… the floor is visible pretty much everywhere!

The first step you should take to ensure that you select the right flooring is to think of “durability”. Do you have young children or large dogs that spend time inside? Do you prefer a natural look or does an all white house appeal to you?

The next aspect you should consider is the price. Hardwood floors – while timeless and beautiful – can be a rather expensive option while vinyl flooring for instance, can be a relatively inexpensive option.

Let’s take a look at some durable and affordable flooring options to help make your decision easier

Laminate flooring is always a hot choice due to it’s versatility in look, ease of cleaning and cost saving prices. Many people, however, shy away from laminate flooring in a kitchen because they are nervous that moisture in this very busy wet area will damage the floors. Let us put your mind at ease – Laminate flooring in kitchens is perfectly fine provided they have been installed correctly. As with all flooring, it is the maintenance and care of the floor that will determine the way it will wear. Find out more about laminate flooring here.

Similar to laminate flooring, with it’s versatility and easy to clean nature, vinyl  flooring is popular choice in 2015. Vinyl flooring no longer has the old daggy “cheap” look it traditionally has had in the past – these days, you get vinyl flooring options that look so real, you’d be able to fool just about anyone! Because of the great range of options out there, we seen vinyl flooring as a hot new trend for kitchens. With so many different looks to choose from you will find the right look for you kitchen- whether you are looking to match to current decor or whether you’re re-doing the whole kitchen. Find out more about vinyl here.

Don’t overlook cork flooring, it is ecofriendly, has a warm quiet and comfortable appeal and is also easy to keep clean and maintain. Find out more about cork flooring here

With our wide range of flooring at affordable prices, you are guaranteed to find a product that suits your needs as well as your pocket. With over 50 years’ experience under our belt, you can rest assured that we have excellence in service, workmanship and materials. Visit us online at or in-store at any of our branches in Queensland and speak to our experienced team of consultants who are the best in the business!

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