How to get scratches out of wooden floors

20 January 2014 | Helpful Tips and Hints

Well there are two ways to deal with a scratch on a wooden floor. You can try to DIY it or you can call a professional. Depending how bad the scratches are, the second version may be the better of the two.

There are two ways to DIY fix a scratch on wood or other hard surfaces: Either sand the surrounding area down to the level of the scratch so that the surface is smooth once again, or colour in the damage, which means that you can still feel the scratch indent but you can’t see it.

The first method needs fine sandpaper and loads of patience. The sanding itself isn’t a big job; you simply rub with care over the length of the scratch, moving in line with the wood grain. The time-consuming part is that you need to re-varnish, paint, or wax the area to get back to a uniform colour.

So, for everyday wood and wood-effect furniture, you may want to take a short cut and simply cover up the scratch. Ideally, use wood stain or a coloured polish that matches your furniture. Apply the solution to a soft cloth, and then work it into the wood.

If you can’t get a colour match, use a wax crayon. Most children’s ranges have a tremendous variety of browns – and these duller shades always kick about in pencil cases after the snazzy reds have long gone.


Calling a professional to quote on your fixing your floor may save you having to replace the floor all together. They will assess the scratched, usually sand the floors back, clean them, and apply a new coat of sealant to make them look like new. In the case where your floors are beyond repair, in some cases you can lay new flooring directly over the top of the existing floor and in other cases, it may need to be pulled up to allow new floor to be placed.

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