How to Care for Your Area Rug

27 February 2019

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Area rugs make beautiful additions to the home and the huge variety of styles means you can use it not only to define your space but to flaunt your excellent taste as well. Help your area rug retain its good looks for longer with our rug care tips.

Clean regularly

Regularly vacuuming your rug, at least once a week, will remove dirt before it becomes too deeply embedded in the rug pile. If your rug has delicate fringe or tassels, take care not to get these caught in your vacuum brush head when cleaning to avoid damage.

Shoes off

Rugs, as intricate as some can be, are made to walked on. However, you can extend the life of your rug by keeping dirty shoes off it. Have everyone in your home remove their shoes at the door, or at least provide a decent doormat they can scrape their shoes clean on so dirt isn’t tracked onto your rug. This will also reduce how frequently you will need to clean your rug – win/win!

Treat it

Rug protection treatments are commercially available and can help you extend the life of your area rug. Once applied, these products coat your rug surface in a protective barrier. This helps to repel liquids, dirt, and stains, and makes your rug easier to clean. These treatments are naturally best applied when your rug is still brand new, although they do generally require reapplication after a few years. Talk to a team member at your local Andersens store to get product suggestions for your rug.

Act quickly after accidents

As helpful as a stain treatment can be, it is not going to protect your rug 100%, so in case of spills, you’ll still want to act quickly to avoid soiling. In large enough quantities, even water can damage your rug and breed mould if left unattended. In the case of smaller water spills, blot up up as much of the water as possible with a clean towel and dry the affected area with a hair dryer. It’s important to make sure your rug is completely dry before laying it back down on your floor to prevent mould growth.

Turn it around

Over time, heavy furniture can leave pressure marks on your rugs and flatten the pile. By rotating your rug 180 degrees intermittently, you relieve the pressure on these spots and more evenly distribute wear and tear from foot traffic. Try every few months or once a year depending on the rug style. This will also prevent colour fading in one spot from prolonged sun exposure.

Use a rug pad

A rug pad or mat sits underneath your rug. It should be slightly smaller than your rug. Rug pads make your rug safer by stopping your rug from slipping. They also muffle noise, have insulating properties, and reduce compression of the rug pile by offering additional cushioning underfoot to absorb impact, helping your rug to keep its shape. Visit Andersens for advice on a suitable rug pad for your flooring.

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