Flooring Your Home for Pets

04 October 2018

Helpful Tips and Hints

Australians just love their pets. In fact, 62% of Aussie households are home to a pet, with dogs and cats the most popular, meaning we have one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world! As loveable as our pets can be, it is reasonable to expect some additional cleanup when living with them. Claws can scratch floors, paws track in dirt, and toilet mishaps aren’t really confined to the bathroom. Living with pets is often about compromise, so if you’re renovating, it’s important to find a flooring solution to suit both you and your animal companion. See which floor coverings are right for your home.


Tiles are highly durable and waterproof. Resistant to scratches and stains, tiles are easy to clean and perfect prevention from permanent damage that energetic pets might cause. Keep in mind though, that high gloss tiles can be slippery for animals to walk on, especially for more senior pets, and many people would prefer not to use tiles in every room.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl flooring is a low-maintenance flooring option and the bevy of designs available will satisfy any style-conscious home designer. Underfoot, vinyl is springy and comfortable for humans, and for pets, offers improved traction that harder flooring cannot provide. Vinyl also absorbs sound, helping to muffle the sound of claws on floors.


Although laminate flooring can be highly scratch-resistant, it often has a shiny surface that can cause traction issues for your pet. If you do choose to go with laminate, speak with a team member at your local Andersens store to find a suitable product. Traditionally, laminate does not provide the best water-resistance, but newer, innovative laminate products like Premium’s Impressive Ultra and Majestic (available by special order through Andersens) are waterproof and come with a 10 Year Wet Warranty.


Timber flooring, although timelessly beautiful, can be susceptible to scratching, scuffing, and even denting. Animal claws can definitely have a detrimental effect on the condition of timber floors – think stiletto heels. If you already have timber floors installed, you can attempt to protect them with area rugs or floor runners but parts will still be exposed to wear and tear from your pets. If your floor does become damaged over time, the upside of timber flooring is it can be sanded down. A downside to timber flooring for a home with pets – all spills must be cleaned up immediately because of how water-averse timber is.


The thought of pets on carpet might have some people recoiling in horror, but if you must have carpet in your home, there are products available created with easy-maintenance in mind. Carpets from the Stainmaster range are designed to withstand wear and tear and have in-built resistance to stains and soiling. Redbook Green carpets offer a Lifetime Pet Protection Warranty – perfect if you want pets and carpeted floors. Plus, what feels good under your toes will feel good under your pet’s, too.

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