Flooring Installation: DIY or Go Pro?

04 August 2017

Helpful Tips and Hints

If you’re on a tight budget, installing your own flooring can seem like an alluring option for saving money. But before you crack open that toolbox, there are a few factors you should consider first.

What type of flooring are you installing?

The ability to accurately measure and cut flooring is essential to achieving a seamless, polished look. Each type of flooring presents its own installation challenges. If you’re installing ceramic tiles, how intricate is the design you’re laying down? Do you know how you’ll transition your design from one room to another or work around those meddlesome, tricky corners? When putting in timber floors, have you planned how the planks will line up with doorways and baseboards? Do you have the access to the right tools for the job?

Do you have the time?

Is there a deadline you need to meet? The level of experience you’ve got under your handyman belt will affect the time it’ll take for you to get your floors down.

What starts as a straightforward task can spiral out of control quickly and drastically if anything goes wrong, with the added blow of knocking back your savings.

Consider the magnitude of your task. Are you ready to handle the complexity of your project? If you’re a total novice at home repair, it might be best for you to leave it in the hands of the professionals for the most worry-free experience.

Below, we have drawn up a comparison chart for you highlighting the ups and downs of DIY versus hiring one of Andersens’ professional installers. Have a look before you make your decision.

DIY vs Professional Installation Comparison Chart

If you’re set on striking out on your own, talk to your Andersens consultant at the time of purchase for some helpful pointers on how to lay your floors correctly. Our team members have a wealth of knowledge to share and will never mind lending a hand. Make sure you check out our Expert Installation videos before you start for an overview of the techniques the professionals use to get that perfect result.

If you’d rather leave it to the pros, enlist one of our experienced installers for a quality, stress-free flooring installation. All Andersens’ carpet installation provides workmanship that’s backed by our Lifetime Installation Guarantee*.

Still not convinced? Andersens is currently offering FREE installation* on all new carpet! How could you say no? Contact us today, this opportunity is too good to be missed.

*Offer ends 31st August, 2017. Terms and conditions apply. See in-store for details.

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