Five Reasons Tiles Make Great Flooring

Tile flooring is not just for bathrooms and toilets, it can also be an excellent choice for kitchens, outdoor spaces, and even living rooms. Here are five reasons tiles make a great flooring option throughout the family home.

Tiles are versatile

Tiles come in a variety of textures, colours and styles. This means that no matter what space you are flooring you are sure to find a tile that suits that space just perfectly. Tiles are not just for wet areas, they can also add a touch of class and elegance to general living spaces. You might opt for a classic, minimalistic look with large white or black tiles in a living room or entrance. For a more exotic look, experiment with different colours and patterns in the style of Moroccan and Spanish architecture. The variety of options for tile flooring is truly endless.

Tiles a Low maintenance for start to finish

Laying tiles is a relatively easy task for a qualified tiler. Once the tiles are laid, you will find that they are very easy to maintain. You won’t need to invest in expensive cleaning products, simply use soap and water to mop your floors and vacuum regularly. Good quality tiles are extremely durable, when you invest in quality tiling they will last you a lifetime.

Tiles are great for pets and kids

For homes that have pets and kids, tiles are a practical choice of flooring. When it comes to spills and mess, tiles are perhaps the easiest flooring option to clean. Most tiles are 100 percent stain resistance. You won’t have to worry about accidents that are part of family living.

Tiles are good for your family’s health

Tiles will not harbour dust or mites, they are non- allergenic. That’s why they make an excellent flooring option for those who have an allergy or asthma suffer in the family.

Tiles create natural cooling

Here in Queensland, tiles are a very popular choice as for the most the year, the climate is incredibly hot, and tiles provide natural cooling in the home. If you have a particularly hot area of your house, consider unglazed clay tiles clay tiles as they have the ability to spread heat evenly. This is much cheaper way to cool your house than blasting the air-conditioner and it is better for the environment.

If you are thinking that tiles might be the perfect flooring option for your family home, check out the wide range of tiling options available at your local Andersens or visit the Andersens website

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