Easy Ways to Fake an Entryway

An entryway is the first opportunity for you to make people feel welcome and show off your unique style. But what do you do if your front door just opens unceremoniously into the living space? You can still create the illusion of an entryway – just try some of the following tricks.

Console Tables

No entryway? Don’t despair! Place a narrow console table against a wall or along the back of your sofa for a convenient place to store those essentials you grab before you head out the door. Add some interesting decor objects to your table to give your faux entryway some personality.

Furniture Placement

Speaking of sofas, furniture can function as partitions to define the boundaries of your pseudo-entryway. You can also use backless bookshelves or divider screens to wall off the space from the rest of your home without resorting to expensive renovations.


Is there anything a good rug can’t do? Use an area rug to to outline a drop-zone. Place a smaller, heavy-duty mat by the front door to prevent dirt from being tracked inside.

Wall Decor

Give your guests something to look at as they enter your home. This provides a natural reason to pause, mimicking the effect of an entryway. Apply some visually-arresting wallpaper or hang a show-stopping artwork to bring the “WOW” factor to your home’s entrance.


Adding seating to your faux-entry provides a spot for you and guests to put on or remove shoes. Choose a bench seat for optimal practicality or opt for an occasional chair that makes a statement.


Make your entry area practical by adding some storage. Purchase a compact shoe rack or some baskets to set by the door, invest in a coat rack, or install some handy hooks on your wall. If you have a closet by the front door, consider setting aside some space inside it for guests.

By using a few of these easy fixes, you can create a natural-feeling entryway without having to call in construction.

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