Considering the Brief

No matter if the interior design project is big or small, a professional designer won’t start work without a well-defined brief. A design brief states the goals, requirements, and limitations of the project with the purpose of keeping you on track.

Even if you’re not an interior designer by trade, a brief is an extremely useful tool for establishing your project aims and ensuring your design project’s success. To define a brief of your own, Lauren Pearse from Rylo Interiors suggests beginning by asking yourself several questions:

  • What style or look are you going for?
  • Do you have children or pets?
  • Is the room you’re working on near a pool?
  • Do you have to consider ceiling height?

All these factors will affect your design choices for your home.

Your budget will also impact all your design decisions. From benchtops to flooring, lighting to those little added extras, your budget will determine just how indulgent you can be. Being realistic about what you can afford at the start of your project keeps you from overspending later on so you can achieve your goals without draining your bank account.

House blueprints

Another important consideration for your brief is the purpose of the room you’re designing. Are you designing an entire home or just a granny flat? The intended use of your space will govern your design decisions. If you’re only styling a granny flat, for example, you might need to be more conscious of the limited space by finding solutions to use it effectively. If you’re styling a lounge space, will it be more formal for receiving guests or casual for everyday use? You should factor this into your furniture selections.

Design material samples

A great way of establishing your design brief is by using images. Images are fantastic for illustrating the exact look you want for your space. Scour through magazines or interior design blogs for ideas. Compile all your favourite looks on a Pinterest board for a convenient reference point to check back on as your project progresses. You can visit Andersens on Pinterest to get started on pinning design ideas for your project.

Once you’ve got your brief right, your design selections will come together naturally.

Looking for more advice on designing your interiors? Step into an Andersens showroom and speak to one of our friendly consultants for help.

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