Choosing a Ceramic Bathroom Tile

If you’re renovating your bathroom, there’s a good chance that ceramic tiles will feature heavily in your design. Waterproof and durable, tiles are an effective way of protecting your walls and floors from being damaged by moisture. With the wide variety of tiles available and the myriad patterns you can lay them in, deciding on a style for your bathroom can be overwhelming. Narrow down your selection to find a style that fits your needs.


Ceramic tiles come in multiple finishes which can dramatically affect the feel of your bathroom.

Gloss tiles have a shiny surface and can look very glamorous. Gloss tiles become slippery in wet environments, so it’s best to reserve them for walls, splashbacks, and low foot traffic areas. Choosing accent or border tiles in high gloss will further help to draw the eye. If your bathroom is on the small side, glossy tiles can help to create the illusion of space by reflecting light. If your bathroom gets a lot of direct sunlight, however, go for a lower-gloss tile to avoid causing uncomfortable glare.

Matt surfaces are very on trend right now, appearing on everything from walls to dinnerware. For bathrooms, matt ceramic tiles are suitable for flooring as they provide more traction. If you’re aiming for a natural or understated look, matt tiles are ideal.


When choosing the size of your tile, aim to keep the size in proportion to the  size of your bathroom. Lately, large format tiles have been popular thanks to the wealth of new styles now available. Although mosaic tile is a perennial favourite for smaller bathrooms, larger tiles can make the space feel bigger when used correctly. One thing to remember is that smaller tiles will create more grout lines, making the grout more noticeable. Match the colour of your grout to your tile to prevent it from being as visually dominant.

Colour & Pattern

When deciding on the colour or pattern of your tile, it’s all about mood. Light-coloured tiles will lend an airy tranquility to your bathroom and are a good choice for smaller bath spaces. Dark tiles can create broody and warm effects. Patterned tiles have great impact and can range in style from detailed Moroccan motifs to more contemporary geometric designs. Wall to floor patterned tiles can be very impressive, but can also be too busy to comfortably look at. For a more subtle look, try using patterned tiles on just one surface or as a feature strip.

For all your ceramic tile needs, step into your nearest Andersens showroom to shop our great range. One of our friendly team members can help you find a style for your taste.

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