Back-to-school Ready at Home

22 January 2019

Helpful Tips and Hints

Whether your children are starting school or they’re going back for another year, you might be feeling a little stressed at the prospect. Making sure they have everything they need on time, at the right time, every weekday can frazzle the nerves. Establishing an efficient routine during the school term can help to keep your house in order and you sane.

Create a drop-off zone

Keep your floor tidy by designating a drop zone. Cubbies and baskets are perfect for storing shoes and backpacks when they’re not in use. Put up some wall hooks to hang up jackets and hats. With the essentials in one place, you can get your kids out the door with minimum fuss. Whether you create your drop zone in your entryway or garage, you’ll never have to trip over a misplaced school bag ever again.

Set up a homework station

Create a dedicated homework ‘station’ for your kids’ stationery supplies. Find the combination of storage solutions to meet your child’s needs, be it pen cups, desktop drawers, magazine holders, or trays. If your child does homework on the kitchen table, make their homework station mobile. Give your child more deskspace by storing stationery in a trolley that can fit under a desk. Don’t need that much storage? Pop their supplies in a tray for easy transportation.

File it away

Permission slips, newsletters… as the papers accumulate, it’s easy to lose what you’re looking for in the pile. File your paper clutter as you would your email inbox as soon as you get it to minimise mess and confusion. Have an in-tray and a “to do” tray for things that you need follow-up. You can use labelled document drawers or file holders mounted to the wall to keep everything in reach.

Save the date

Everyone has calendars on their phones these days, but having a wall calendar or planner at home where you can see important dates at a glance can help you keep on top of everyone’s schedules. You can even have your children write all their upcoming events on the calendar themselves. If you find a monthly calendar too overwhelming, try using a weekly calendar instead to help break the school year down into more manageable chunks.

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