Are wooden floors better than carpets when it comes to allergies?

15 September 2014

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The debate continues so let’s look at the facts

Carpet comes under attack because of 1) the chemicals used to make it and 2) because it traps dirt and allergens. However, what may have been true in years past is no longer true in modern carpeting.


Common misconceptions are that carpets can harbor dirt and allergens, but there are no reports that link carpeting with asthma or an increase in allergies. Rather than trapping particulates, which is seen as a bad thing, carpeting prevents such things from becoming airborne. Frequent, thorough vacuuming sucks allergens out of carpeting. Like mattresses and upholstered furniture, carpeting needs vacuuming once a week with a vacuum with a HEPA filter to prevent allergens from floating back into the air.

Advocates of hardwood and other hard flooring surfaces maintain that these floor coverings are easier to clean than carpeting. Carpeting fans counter that the amount of sweeping, mopping, stripping, waxing, and buffing required for hard surface floors is more expensive and labour intensive than vacuuming carpet once or twice a week. If you do not frequently attend to hardwood floors, they can develop a serious population of dust bunnies that can easily become airborne and trigger allergies.


With allergy issues in carpeting a thing of the past, what draws people to carpeting versus hardwood comes down to personal preference and appearance. You just have to maintain whatever you have.

Ironically, many people believe carpets are reason for allergens yet they still  accent their floors with area rugs, even room size ones, to add warmth, colour and style.

Bottom line regardless of the flooring you choose you can go with the floor covering you love so long as you keep it clean and well maintained.  You will still compelled  to be a good housekeeper who frequently sweeps and vacuums all surfaces because allergens are airborne.

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