A guide to: Warming up to Winter Colours and Trends

10 June 2014

Helpful Tips and Hints

If you’re warming up to the idea of a new look in your home but aren’t sure how to use colour to create a good mood, here’s a handy little guide for you!

Seaside harmony

What says ‘summer’ better than a trip to the beach? While winter’s lower temperatures mean you probably won’t want to get sand between your toes or dip them into the ocean (unless of course you’re living in Tropical North QLD), you can still enjoy the warmth and relaxation of the seashore. Simply choose colours that echo the natural hues of sun, surf and sand. Cool blue-greens soothe the senses, while gentle peach and soft white evoke the warmth of the sand and revive the spirit. Then, extend the theme throughout your decor with accessories and lighting that celebrate the look of a chic modern resort.

Urban alternative


If modern decor appeals to you but you think it might underscore the chill of winter, try an urban alternative look. The style celebrates the warmer aspects of modern decor, emphasizing wood, metal and stone tones. This natural evolution of industrial modern decor creates an effect that feels more modest, relaxed and attainable. A palette of rich browns and soft greys creates this look.

Grand reign


From the mansions of the “Great Gatsby” to the magnificent homes of Newport, R.I., we continue to be fascinated with grand residences. These opulent homes carry us to another place and time, when the Vanderbilts, Carnegies and Rockefellers set the standard for luxury and elegance with their fantastic homes. You can recreate some of this effect with opulent detail, colour and ornamentation. Think rich blues, opulent golds and deep purples and reds. Choosing these colours will create a sense of romance and mystery.

Natural avocation


One way to while away the cold hours of winter is with a hobby and what better hobby for winter than a little nature-watching? Explore the natural disciplines of botany, geology and astronomy with colour by choosing tones that call to mind flora, fauna and celestial bodies. Bring the vibrancy of the natural world into your home with rich greens, umbers, delicate pearls and earthy reds.

Colour’s effect on emotion and energy has been well-documented – what better time to give your mood a boost than in the winter months? When natural changes in the environment weigh down your mood, you can bolster your mental state – and create a more pleasing, warmer and welcoming environment – by strategic use of colour.

Thanks to the Hudson Reporter for some great info

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