A guide to carpet for asthma and allergy sufferers

20 June 2017

Helpful Tips and Hints

The myth about carpet and allergies

Many people believe that having carpet flooring in the home aggravates allergies and asthma. This is not necessarily true. Just because you have allergies doesn’t mean you can’t have carpet in your home, or should go out of your way to avoid it.

In fact, studies have demonstrated that there is little connection between allergies and carpet. Carpet, unlike other flooring options, has the ability to trap allergens and prevent them from being air born which is what causes the real damage.

What is hypoallergenic carpet?

There is no industry standard when it comes to hypoallergenic carpet, while some may be marketed as more allergy friendly than others this may not always be the case. However, the below carpets are usually safe options when it comes allergies.

Woollen Carpet

While most people believe that carpet aggravates allergies and asthma, studies have shown that in fact, carpet reduces dust in the air more than hard surfaces. What does sometimes agitate allergies and asthma, as well as skin conditions such as eczema, is synthetic carpet. That is why if you are sensitive to allergies the best option is to always go with natural wool carpet. Natural wool is not synthetic and is gentle on your skin.  The lack of moisture in wool makes it difficult for dust mites to survive which is a major cause for those with allergies and asthma.

Nylon Carpet

The second recommended option for carpet buyers who are sensitive to allergies and asthma is nylon carpet. Nylon is a tough and durable man-made fibre. Nylon carpets are often made with materials that will repel allergens.

Keep your carpet clean

While it has been proven that carpet DOES NOT enhance the symptoms of asthma and allergies, there are some things you should do to maintain your carpet and ensure it stays safe and wheeze free. For example, if you have pets, the carpet can trap dander, which is a known allergen. If you are buying carpet it is worth investing in a good vacuum cleaner. This is particularly true for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. The carpet can contain the allergens and prevent them from becoming airborne, but only if it is cleaned regularly.

If you are still unsure about how carpet might affect your asthma or allergies why not speak to an expert? Andersens carpet experts are always ready to answer any questions you may have concerning carpet or flooring of any kind give us a call today 1800 016 016.

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