First, read the room.

To get started with the app, begin by scanning your space. Tap the scan icon at the bottom right of your screen. Point your phone camera at the floor from knee height then scan your entire room.

Try things on.

With your floor now scanned, it’s time to explore our flooring range. Tap the filter icon at the top left of your screen and choose a product to display in your space.

Save your ideas & keep them handy.

Happy with how a floor covering is looking in your space? Take a photo of it by tapping the camera icon in the toolbar. Look back at the photos you’ve saved by tapping the image icon in the toolbar.

Make it real.

Want to make your inspiration a reality? Request a call from our team by tapping the contact icon on the left. You can even submit your favourite photos to help us assist you.

Submit an Enquiry

Provide us with your details and Andersens will contact you to help you with your franchise enquiry.

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