2015 Home Design Trends

With the New Year ahead, now is the time to start thinking about the plans for the remodelling you would like to do. Naturally it starts with inspiration, ideas, budget and careful planning.

Maybe start with something simple like alternative kitchen floor ideas. Have you considered cork or bamboo flooring? Well, perhaps you should as not only do they look beautiful, they’re super easy to maintain and best of all affordable. Continue reading “2015 Home Design Trends”

A guide to: Choosing the perfect flooring for your Bedroom

When it comes to choosing flooring for your bedroom, the choice you make often reflects your personality in a way that is far more personal than anywhere else in the house. It is for this reason that we recommend really taking your time to choose the perfect flooring for your haven – aka your bedroom.


By far the most popular choice, carpets in a bedroom give you a warmth that no other flooring option can. We’ll focus a bit on the four most common types of carpeting are pattern, texture (or texture plush), loop (Berber) and frieze (twist or shag) to help you make your choice a little more easily:



Pattern carpets come in many designs, patterns and colour options but are more often found in large spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, and basements



Textured carpeting is the most common type used by homeowners in bedrooms because of the many colour options, types, low cost and durability.



Looped carpeting, also known as Berber, is, most durable and expensive – great for basements not really for the bedroom…



Finally frieze, shag, or twisted carpeting is the most popular carpeting type used in bedrooms because it’s casual, durable, cozy and offers many traditional, contemporary and modern options.

Wood and Bamboo



Natural fibre hard flooring is fast becoming a popular choice for flooring in the bedroom due to it’s stylish looks and it’s durable, easy to clean nature. Whilst it doesn’t quite offer the same coziness as carpets in the bedroom, it can be warmed up with rugs. If it’s luxury style you’re after, then this may be the flooring for you.




Whilst more commonly suited to wet areas and heavy traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms and main living areas, tiles are steadily gaining popularity in the bedroom. Still far behind it’s carpet and hardwood counterparts, tiles suits a very specific type of person with a very specific type of look. Whilst it is very difficult to make tiles look warm and inviting in the bedroom, very few flooring options give you the same sense of stand-offish style. To beat the chill underfoot in winter, add some under-floor heating.

Those are our top picks for flooring in the bedroom. As always, we’d love to help you make your choice a little more easily. Ring us on 1800 016 016 to arrange a personal appointment with one of our style specialists or visit our website.



A guide to: Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom

Choosing the flooring for your bathroom can be extremely fun and extremely stressful all at the same time! Unlike your kitchen flooring, bathrooms can be totally different from the rest of the house, or they can keep the same theme. Either way, your bathrooms are often the most judged room in your house so it’s important to get it right. Here are a few of our favourite choices:

Continue reading “A guide to: Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom”

How to re-grout tiles

Have you started to discover the grout around your tiles is crumbling away or is just not there due to wear and tear? Not only does it look horrible is will be allowing moisture into your walls and floor which over time will loosen and lift the tiles. If this is the case then it’s time to re-grout. Here are some tips on how to do it yourself, however if you would prefer a professional to assist or perhaps its time to renovate and replace with a more modern tile, Andersens can help.


Preparing the Tile

  1. Choose a grout colour. If you are re-grouting an entire bathroom, choose a colour that matches the tile. For small jobs, match the grout colour with the existing grout.
  2. Scrub the tiles and grout with a household cleaning solution
  3. Saw along the grout lines with a grout saw or small knife that cuts into narrow spaces.
  4.  Remove the remaining grout with a chisel or utility knife.
  5. Vacuum out the leftover chunks or debris from the spaces around the tile. If any of the tiles need to be replaced, replace them now.
  6. Clean the tile. Remove soap scum and dirt. Any household cleaner designed to remove soap scum is perfect for the job.

Apply the Grout

  1. Mix the grout. Grout is sold pre-mixed or dry. If you need to mix the grout, read the directions on the package and follow the instructions. Latex-modified grout is more water resistant and does not crack over time.
  2. Spread the grout over the tile and smooth it out with a grout float. Angle the top of the float to 30 degrees.
  3. Use the float to press the grout into the empty spaces between the tiles. When the grout becomes hard to push down, the spaces are full.
  4. Run the float across the top of the tiles to remove excess grout.
  5. Wait five to ten minutes. Wet a sponge with water and wipe over the top of the tiles to clean any leftover grout.
  6. Cure the grout for at least three days.
  7. Seal the grout with a grout sealer. This keeps water and mildew out of the grout. If using ceramic tiles, use a silicone or water-based grout sealer. Brush it along the joints between the tiles. Wipe excess sealant off the surface of the tiles. If you have porous tiles, use an acrylic top-coat and seal the entire surface of the tile.

To view Andersens range of floor tiles visit our website www.andersens.com.au

Last Minute Flooring Options for Christmas

It is time for Christmas and the relatives are coming over.  Everything is culminating to a magical day of family, fun and festivities then you look at your flooring and you know that it is well beyond time that it should be upgraded.  So what can you do with so little time before Christmas?

The answer is simple, you give Andersens a call.

With Andersens, you don’t even have to take the time to come to one of our showrooms.  Our showroom can come to you.  Our showroom on wheels can bring to your home a range of flooring options for you to view.

Just give us a call and book an appointment for a day that is convenient for you and a friendly professional sales representative can come to your house and show you product samples in various types and colours.  They will discuss with you the best options to meet your needs and match your existing decor and will be able to tell you what they have in stock and give you the fastest options.  Those options could range from carpet which you will be able to roll out immediately, cork tiles which are super fast to install, or perhaps vinyl flooring for wet areas.  No matter what your taste and no matter what your needs, Andersens’ can get to you, show you your options, and get the job done quickly.  Andersens massive warehouse ensures a readily available range of superior options so there is no need to wait.  After your showroom on wheels has come to your door, we will be able advise you what is in stock and what your options are.  We call this process Fast Track Flooring.  So to get what you need ASAP, give Andersens a call today on 1800 016 016 for a free measure and quote.

Home flooring trends for 2013

If you are looking for the latest trends in flooring than this is a must read. Here are the most popular flooring options for 2013 along with their features and benefits. These options will ensure you have the most recent styling for your home.

Large Square Tiles

We are seeing more and more people turn towards the large floor tiles, sizing that comes in 12″ x 24″ and even 36″ x 36″ — as opposed to the standard 12″ x 12″ tiles. Not only do they add an entirely different look, they are easier to clean as there is less grout and they make your room appear larger than it actually is. They are however much heavier than your standard tile so it’s recommended they are placed by a professional tiler.


Cork has not only become popular for its amazing insulating properties, it is also much more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwood and most certainly tile. Most people when they think of cork, think they have to stick to the champagne colour but these days you have a much larger colour palette available. Another positive sell point is that cork is far more durable than it was just a few decades prior. Downside, it is susceptible to moisture damage and will fade when exposed to sunlight so be selective as to which room you use cork.


Bamboo has been around for a long time, but what we are seeing lately is an explosion of colours and styles. They say Bamboo is harder than most hardwood when dried can be highly engineered to suit every day wear and tear. Bamboo is offered in many styles that mimic the look of classic hardwood. As with all wood flooring, it’s best to keep bamboo out of moisture-prone rooms like kitchens and baths.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood can look stunning in the right home match with the right décor. The new factory-finished hardwood flooring offers all the charm of reclaimed timber but without the high costs associated with true salvaged lumber. One positive factor of Reclaimed Wood is that is can stand up to moisture fluctuations better than any wood flooring that is finished onsite.


Carpet these days we are seeing far fewer shag piles and friezes and more patterned carpets.— Softer fibres are being used for more comfort and luxury and huge improvements have been made to improve the quality, colour choices and warranty to not only the carpets but the underlay itself. Not to mention they non stain properties and allergy/Asthma free variations.


People don’t put the term luxury with the word Vinyl, they think about that peel-and-stick stuff people used to install for a quick and cheap flooring option. The truth is that some versions are now on par with the high end flooring when it comes to look. Not only can you now het the hardwood look, you can get the look of stone, or tiles. Some are so realistic that until you touch it, you would not know. Vinyl can be a natural fit in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.


Concrete, very popular for offices, showrooms and modern homes. It is trendy, sleek and durable and with a polished finish can look a million dollars. A multitude of colours are available, not to mention the textures and finishes, and can be very affordable if you already have existing concrete in place. On the downside, comfort does not come into play, it is the flooring for fashion and can be quite hard to walk on.

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