Self-lay can be a huge saving on that home or reno project… provided you use good material and follow the instructions for installation! Short cuts in any installation are a guarantee for trouble in the future, so it’s important that you choose the right option for your skill level. For instance, if you’ve had experience with laying wooden floors (successfully) in the past, then laying your own floors should be a breeze! If however, you are like so many of us and haven’t had any experience, there’s really only one safe option – Looselay!


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Self-lay installation Pros and Cons.

Self-lay can be a huge saving on that home or reno project… provided you use good material and follow the instructions for installation! Short cuts in any installation are a guarantee for trouble in the future, so it’s important that you choose the right option for your skill level. For instance, if you’ve had experience with laying wooden floors (successfully) in the past, then laying your own floors should be a breeze! If however, you are like so many of us and haven’t had any experience, there’s really only one safe option – Looselay!

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Getting your house clean! Part 4

With this week bringing the end to our Dyson promotion and our “getting your house clean” 4 part blog series. So without further ado..

  • To get your toilet bowls back to their shiny white best, clean them with some flat Coke or Pepsi. Leave the drink to soak overnight in order to dissolve limescale.


  • To remove marker pen off hard surfaces, spray on some hair spray and then simply wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel.


  • To remove cat and dog hair from clothing and furniture, rub them with some damp rubber gloves.


  • To remove fingerprints from stainless-steel appliances, place a small amount of baby oil on a napkin and then wipe over the affected areas. The fingerprints should just easily wipe away.


  • To clean your shower curtain, wash it in the washing machine with about 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cop of bleach, some white towels and just a normal amount of washing powder. By also adding into some fabric softener, it will also help to keep the curtain clean. When the load is done, return the shower curtains to their normal place and allow to drip dry. Wrinkles will fade away after a couple of days.


That now brings us to the end of this weeks’s (and our series of cleaning tips). We hope you have enjoyed them.

Getting your house clean! Part 3

With our Dyson vacuum cleaner give-away this month, we are sharing 20 top cleaning tips with you! Here are the next five:

  • If you want to stop ants coming into the house, draw a line of chalk on the ground where you want them to stop. If you live in a rainy area where ants are a problem, you must remember to re-draw the chalk lines each time it rains.


  • Ever wondered how to clean the bottom of the iron? Simple,  just sprinkle some salt on the ironing board and iron back and forth.


  • An easy way t0 clean a stainless-steel sink, is to plug the sink and add two denture-cleaning tablets and half fill with water, leaving this to soak for several hours (or overnight for stubborn stains) and the next day it should be sparkling. You can then re-use this water to clean the draining board.


  • If you want to clean your microwave oven, just add four tablespoons of lemon juice to one cup of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Boil this for five minutes in the microwave, allowing the steam to condense on the inside walls of the oven. Then wipe down the corners with a soft cloth.


  • To remove sweat/body oil stains from cuffs and collars of coloured blouses and shirts, rub some shampoo directly on the stains. Rinse off the shampoo after about 5 minutes, then wash the clothes as usual.


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s tips. Please join us next week for our last instalment of helpful home cleaning tips.

Getting your house clean! Part 2

With our Dyson vacuum cleaner give-away this month, we thought, why not share some easy to do cleaning tips and tricks with our customers and readers. Last week we shared 5 tips in our part 1 post. This week we continue with another 5 helpful tips.

  • To help reduce the risk of stains on a marble bench-top, try buffing some car polish onto it. This leaves a thin invisible film which helps repel stains.


  • If you have accidentally broken glassware and are struggling to pick up all those tiny left over fragments of broken glass, try pressing a piece of bread onto the area for a quick and easy solution.


  • If you have furniture indents in pure wool carpet (only), place a tea towel over the area and then press with a warm iron. The heat will lift the vibres and give you a smoother result.


  • To avoid your bathroom mirrors steaming up, try and regularly rub a dry soap bar over the surface of the mirror and then rub in with a clean cloth. [while not really cleaning, we thought it was a great tip anyway!]


  • If you need to remove some oil from silk clothing, we suggest gently rubbing some cornflour into the affected area, leave it to sit for a few hours before lightly brushing or shaking it off. Then either hand wash or use a gentle machine cycle to finish the process.


We hope you have enjoyed this week’s tips. Please join us next week for 5 more helpful home tips.

Getting your house clean! Part 1

With our Dyson vacuum cleaner give-away this month, we thought, why not share some easy to do cleaning tips and tricks with our customers and readers.

Here goes:

5 Easy Cleaning Tips and Tricks

  • Getting rid of red wine stains: Place a dab of foaming style shaving cream on the area. This can help remove red-wine spills from carpets.
  • Removing food odours: Use a combination of hot water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda to help rid those unwanted “left-over” smells.
  • Dusting lamp shades: You can use your vacuum cleaner or a lint roller!
  • Glass cleaning: Use old newspapers instead of paper towels to clean your glass windows.
  • Getting rid of stickers: A great tip for removing stubborn price tags (and not ruin your nails). Dab some rubbing alcohol on a Q-tip or a cotton pad.

That’s all from us this week. Join us again next week as we reveal 5 more easy cleaning tips and tricks!

8 Top Tips for Keeping House Cool this Summer

Summer is a great time for cold drinks and the beach! But a huge amount of time is also spent in the house. Which in some cases with no air conditioning can be considered hellish. Here’s a few tips to keep your house (and your head) cool during the summer without spending too much.

1. Keep a fan in areas with the most activity. This includes activities like cooking, watching TV, and even sleeping. Even when the fan is switched on low, the breeze from the fan actually does a lot to keep you cool.

2. Ice. Some Mexican households back in the eighties used to stock a block of ice in their living rooms when it got hot. You can do this too! Place a bunch of ice cubes in a pitcher or two and place it in front of the fan to simulate the feeling of air conditioning minus the cost.

3. Change your sheets. Feeling hot isn’t just a physical state – a great deal of it is emotional, too. Getting rid of the things that make you “feel” hot even if they are not can help a lot. For starters, change your sheets to cooler (thinner) fabrics that are coloured white or baby blue.

4. Shower smart. Taking a shower to cool down is obvious. But you also have to take note of what you use in the shower. A lot of shampoo and soap/body wash products have cooling features added to them. Shower products that aim to moisturize (like moisturizing soap) are things you may want to avoid during this time as may give you that sticky feeling.

5. Exercise. Shedding those extra winter kilos will not only help you look good at the beach but will also help you stay cooler during the summer months.

6. Get yourself occupied with a hobby. A great deal of the feeling of being hot has to do with the fact that you are bored. Do something that isn’t too easy as well so you keep yourself distracted from the heat.

7. Serve/eat good food. This is connected to that whole body fat tip above. Some kinds of food help your body regulate heat better. Keep away from the deep fried things for a while and try healthier options like fruits and nuts.

8. Drink a lot of water. This is probably the piece of advice that doctors throw at people most often, and is also the piece of advice people often ignore too. But drinking enough water a day (approximately 8 glasses) helps your body regulate heat way better than you think.

New Years Eve Party Planning: Getting your House “Party Proof”

December’s here and everyone’s favourite holiday is just around the corner. That’s right – New Years Eve! All the food, lights, and booze make it a great celebration. That is, unless you’re the one organizing the New Years Eve party. One mistake and you can end up hating New Years forever. It shouldn’t be a worry though, there’re a lot of simple things you can do to get your house party-proof. Here’s a simple checklist to make sure you cover all your bases. (Note: some of the simplest things you should already have covered, such as invites and themes are not included in here).

1. First priority: know your guests. You want make your party the reason for the season. And getting that done is all about thinking systematically. In this case, the best way to approach the planning process is to plan on a stakeholder-basis. And that also depends on the kind of party you are hosting. The key is to have everyone accounted for and make sure they have a great time. Doing that means knowing what makes your guests tick.

2. “Baby-proof” the house. No matter how great the food or the music is, accidents always spoil everything. Keeping this from happening is actually quite simple. Imagine the flow of movement that will most likely take place during the party, and arrange the things to make that flow hazard free – no edges around sharp curves, stow away the figurines, etc. Most importantly, the things that should be kept out of reach of children must actually be out of reach of children (e.g. knives).

3. Booze, buzzers, and conversation starters. Even when it’s not your fault that some (or most) of your guests are high-strung, if they don’t have a good time at your party they’ll be blaming you. Thankfully, alcohol has a good record in keeping that from happening. Make sure you have a good variety for everyone’s taste – Merlot for the boss, scotch for the guys, cocktails for the girls, and beer in general. Even the quality of the cocktails’ mix can get a good conversation going. Or if you’re not familiar with mixing drinks, display your old trophies from high school or play some really good music. If all else fails, keep a drinking game or two up your sleeve – those never fail.

4. Food – lots of it. We all know that people get hungry in general, so make sure you can keep up with people’s alcohol intake by providing lots of food for people to nibble on. Another idea is to invite your guests to bring a plate of their own to cut down on your costs and give the party some variety. If you’re having the food catered, make sure you place the orders at least 2 weeks in advance (caterers get really busy during this time of year).

5. Enjoy. All you need to worry about are these basics. Anything beyond that makes you paranoid or insecure. Enjoy the planning process as well as the party itself. Just remember that you’re in the company of friends (to an extent) and everything should be fine from there. Trust me – people will be able to tell if you’re doing this to impress them or just to let them have a great time.

The team at Andersens wish you a very New Years Eve!


5 quick makeover tips for your home!

Knowing that some of you might be looking to do a few quick changes around the house to help spruce things up for the Summer, we thought we would share some quick and inexpensive makeover tips for your home!

  • Window fabulous. Help balance out a room by using curtains to help warm and soften the hues from timber or tiled floors, while using blinds to help open up and freshen up those carpeted areas.


  • Artwork magic. Create a feature artwork for your bare walls. Whether it be getting one of your favourite pictures blown up or buying a fabulous new print. Be as crazy or classic as the space allows.


  • Get back to nature. Brighten and liven up your dullest and emptiest corner by bringing in some indoor plants. Adding a bit of natural colour is always a good way to instantly freshen a room.


  • Then there was light. Lighting is important. Experiment with the lights around your home. Either something as simple as buying a new kind of lightbulb, or buying new lamps or overhead lights to help create some “mood” and “atmosphere”.


  • Outside inside. Get to work opening up your home by creating an outdoor living space. Whether it’s a small courtyard, or large yard, make use of ALL your space.


That now brings us to the end of our 5 quick makeover tips for your home! To find some great specials for floor coverings and blinds, be sure to check out our latest catalogue or visit our website at

Realtor Series: All about home staging

For the last couple of weeks in our Andersens Realtor Series, we have discussed how to get your home ready for sale. This week expect no less, as we are uncovering and sharing some great tips on home staging techniques.

Home staging is about creating moods and illusions. Try and think beyond cleaning and decorating and start thinking in terms of emotional intelligence and creating the right “mood” to draw in a sale.  Staging not only makes your house look bigger, brighter, cleaner and warmer but it also creates an atmosphere to help encourage prospects to buy your home. It’s about adding the small details, to make your home stand above the rest.

So while a lot of people would turn to a professional home stager to create this most perfect air or atmosphere, we are going to share our own tips for home staging room by room.

Living Room

  • Add unique elements to an shelving, bookcases or fireplaces
  • Use bright colors for accents such as pillows, throws and flowers
  • Try and allow as much natural light into the room as possible


  • Making the bed might be an obviously choice, but see if you can bring some neutral solid unisex colours to the room to broaden your appeal
  • Add accessories such as flowers, throw pillows and rugs


Bathrooms should look open, airy and inviting. Why not try dressing the room with the following:

  • Towels, tied with ribbons
  • Scented soaps
  • Moisturising & Facial jars
  • Indoor plants


You want to draw the buyer in by placing colourful props around your kitchen. Also try to ensure you clean up after yourself to avoid bad smells and mess.

  • Put out large bowls of fruit such as polished apples, bright oranges, luscious grapes
  • Arrange colorful and fun cookbooks on the counters
  • Polish any wood or stainless steel finishes
  • Do a general tidy up of appliances to avoid the kitchen looking and feeling cluttered


  • Add greenery, plants and pottered flowers if not already
  • Try and add in additional colour wherever possible
  • Any outdoor furniture should be spaced generously

So what are some other good and affordable elements you can add when staging your home?

  • Mirrors
  • Plants
  • Silk Flowers
  • Floor & Table Lamps
  • Throw Rugs
  • Ottomans
  • Pillows
  • Baskets

This now brings us to the end of today’s post. We hope this has been a positive article and some help to you when it comes time to staging your home for sale.  For any additional help when it comes to floor coverings, blinds and rugs please visit our website at

Realtor Series: Getting your house ready for sale (Part 3)

For the last couple of weeks we have been sharing our tips on how to get your home ready for sale. This week however brings this to a close as we reveal our 3 final steps.

Starting with step eight and it’s time to get the house sparkling clean! We have come up with a small checklist to help you on your way:

  • Clean out cobwebs.
  • Wash windows both inside and outside.
  • Re-caulking showers and sinks.
  • Rent a pressure washer and spray down sidewalks and exterior.
  • Polish any chrome faucets and mirrors.
  • Clean out the refrigerator.
  • Try to vacuum daily.
  • Wax those floors.
  • Dust any wooden furniture, ceiling fan blades and light fixtures.
  • Bleach basins where needed.
  • Replace worn rugs.
  • Hang up fresh towels.
  • Clean and air out any musty smelling areas. Odors are an instant turn-off.

Step nine – check your curb appeal. Not only is it important to have the inside looking great, but you want to ensure potential buyers are attracted to the outside too. This doesn’t mean you need to spend lots of money fixing it up, it just means you should do a few simple things to help freshen up the “first impression” of your home, so to speak.

  1. Mow the lawn (if you have one).
  2. Paint an faded down window trim.
  3. If you have a garden, why not plant some new flowers?
  4. Make sure your house number is clearly visible to see.
  5. Ensure there is no clutter for potential buyers to trip on.

Honestly, it’s about using your own discretion here. Take a walk outside and have a look. If you can see areas that need improvement why not hop to it, and ensure a potential buyer is more likely to match your asking price.

Step ten scrutinise and disassociate. You’ve cleaned up the place and left it sparkling.. you have scrutinised and seen that all the tasks to making the home pop have now been finished.  Now it’s time to really sit back and disassociate yourself from it. With all the extra attention it’s had lately, it might be looking the best it has in years.. and you are wondering was selling this place the really best choice? If you find yourself in this situation it’s best to make the emotional step of “letting go” by focusing on the fact this house will no longer be yours. Go through and say goodbye to every room. Picture yourself handing over the keys and in turn handed the cheque that will mean a new start for yourself as well. Pat yourself on the back, and know you’ve done a good job and a service to your home by making it look the best it possible can under your direction, and now after all of this, are you ready to sell your home.

Thank you for joining us for part 3 of this series. If you need any help in home furnishings, be it carpets, flooring or blinds please pop in to your nearest Andersens store where a friendly sales member will be able to help you out.