7 July 2014 | In The Community


There is a deeper sense of fulfillment that can only be achieved by sharing. If you are in search for ways on how you could fill the hollow part in you, generosity is the key in achieving that.

The key driver with positive psychology is not solely in changing the harsh reality and majorly revamping your life. It emphasises reinforcing the good aspects and using it as a driving force to attain happiness and fulfillment.

Just like the noble goal of Montrose Access. This is a foundation that is centered on empowering the differently abled people. It is not always about resolving the negative aspects of life but focusing and enhancing the positive.

Some folks who are amazing at focusing on the positive are the crew at Montrose Access, who have provided assistance, therapy and a lot of other services for physically disabled individuals in Queensland since 1933 . In fact, they have expanded to cover four regional areas. That way, the foundation can provide services to more people, regardless of religious or political belief.

Montrose Access provides an amazing contribution in improving the society by giving numerous services like intervention, encouraging clients to build community ties, teaching skills which are necessary for day to day living, therapy and a whole lot of other assistance programs which effectively improve lives.

Providing help and support for Montrose Access will go a long way in strengthening their programs. There are different methods on how you can show your participation. You can donate cash through their fund raising events both online and offline. You can even volunteer or come up with events in school or community to encourage others to join in.

There is no better feeling than knowing that you have touched other people’s lives through your own little ways.


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