Getting ready for the holidays

3 November 2014 | General


We all know what it’s like… December holidays at your house (especially if you have family interstate coming up to the Sunshine State!!) and the mad rush to get things looking tip top for the inlaws.

Many of us stress ourselves to the max trying to get our homes looking like they’ve flown off the pages of a magazine, without spending too much money (seriously, who has extra cash around Christmas time!)

We’ve got a few tips on how to give your home a Summer Holiday makeover without breaking the bank:

Give your home a good spring clean – or hire a cleaner to do it for you if you don’t have time. It sounds basic but its amazing what a big difference it makes

Scatter cushions and throws are now your new best friend. A few well places, “casually strewn” fashion scatter cushions and throws drapes casually over couches can really give your home that “made-over” look and shouldn’t cost you more than a couple hundred dollars.

Visit a homey decor store. You know those cute stores you always pass in the shopping center with gorgeous little bits and pieces artfully placed? They almost always provide a wealth of inspiration and can give your home a real designer finish. If you’re uncertain of what to choose- the staff are normally more than happy to help you.

A new rug can give new life to your floors and can tie together all the new looks you’ve brought into your home. You don’t have to choose a super expensive, super large one either. Something small and casual can be just as effective a massive wall-to-wall.

We’d love to hear your additions to the list!

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