2014 Home Fashion Trends: Global Fusion

31 March 2014 | General

We’re all guilty of it – trawling the impeccably decorated show houses for ideas on how to get your own home looking like it’s just stepped off the pages of House & Garden! We set off to find 2014’s style trends and boy were we rewarded! Full of a plethora of gorgeous themes and styles, we’ve picked our 5 favourite which we’ll cover in our Home Fashion Trends series:

Whether it’s the clean cut lines of a Japanese garden, the heady atmosphere of Morocco, a sunset over the savannah or the explosion of colours in India, Global Fusion ties them all together with style and is one of the hottest trends in interior fashion this year.

Focusing on creating an earthy ambience and culture, this look is for you if you like the glamour of travel and exotic destinations.

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Global Fusion takes the best of traditional cultures and artfully mixes them together, which means natural material is the name of the game.

Aged timbers grace the floors inside with Oak being a hot favourite. Timber floors are no longer restrained to living areas – we’re seeing bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens all adorned in wood!

Windows are dressed in either natural bamboo & timber verticals or sheer gauzy curtains over tucked away block-out blinds – this look is popular with a number of different looks and really serves to soften blinds without reverting to traditional curtains.

Décor for the Global Fusion look includes colourful cushions casually strewn over neutrally toned fabric or leather lounges with wood furniture tying it all together.

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