Free Installation Offer – Limited Time Only

Until August 31, you can enjoy free installation on all of your new carpet purchases at Andersens! Your carpet will be installed on quality underlay, see the options of underlay below. There are many options of carpets for different applications in your home, if you aren’t sure what you need in your home – click here to find out more about our carpet grades and fibres.

See some of our carpet range below, or pop into your local Andersens store to try out the look and feel of different carpet textures.

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A good quality underlay can increase the life of your carpet, improve the feel of your carpet underfoot, provide insulation against heat loss, improve soundproofing, as well as act as a barrier against moisture, dust and grit in the sub-flooring. As with carpet, underlay should be chosen to suit its application – where it will be installed and what wear and tear it will endure. Your Andersens consultant can advise you on the best underlay for your requirements. Below is some information on the different types available.

Rubber Waffle

  • Made of natural sponge rubber
  • Offers strength and durability, firm support for carpet
  • Able to circulate air due to cellular construction, minimising dampness and condensation under carpet
  • Slightly more expensive option

Foam Underlay

  • Environmentally friendly – made from recycled materials
  • Price varies on quality
  • More expensive foam will extend the life of your carpet

Felt Underlay

  • Constructed of fibres such as wool, waste textiles or jute
  • Now rarely used in home install

Underlay Tips

  • Carpets with built in underlays are usually a poor substitute for the combination of a good carpet and good underlay.
  • If you have in-floor heating, you need to take this into account when choosing your underlay (as well as your carpet). For the best advice, ask your Andersens consultant.
  • Never lay a good quality carpet on a worn underlay. Your new carpet will not feel anywhere near as good as it should underfoot. And the few dollars you save will be a short-term saving, as your expensive new carpet will wear far more quickly.
  • Try a range of underlay types before buying. Combine your preferred carpet with various underlays to find the feel that’s right for you.


July – August 2016 Free Installation Terms and Conditions

Click here to read our print-friendly PDF version.

  1. Promotion Period is for July-August  2016 only
  2. Promotion is offered on selected Andersens Stock lines of carpet
  3. Promotion is valid on cash or credit card payments only
  4. Offer is not applicable in conjunction with using GE Finance as your payment method
  5. Free installation does not include uplift of existing floor coverings, stairs, commercial installation, direct stick installation, dual bond installation, floor preparation, installation of hardboard if required, moving of furniture, travel, accomodation and any required trims.
  6. Simple conventional  installation only
  7. Not Valid with any other offer including RACQ and seniors discounts
  8. Promotion is only valid on new quotes during promotion period and current ticketed prices. Not valid with any discounted cash stock offers
  9. “Free Installation” is not valid for carpet being installed into boats, motor vehicles and caravans
  10. Minimum quantity of 5 broadloom metres for free installation to be valid
  11. Deposit on order must be received by the 31st August, 2016 for promotion to be valid

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