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For years, Wool fibre has been the tried and testing go-to for carpeting choices. The 100% natural fibres are environmentally ethical, extremely durable and resilient plus come in a huge range of colours and textures.

Find out below about the many reasons wool carpet is the flooring choice for you. From their low carbon footprint and ability to re-enter the natural lifecycle, to the wide range of colours and tones to suit any décor, as well as their well known strength and resilience.

Wool carpet is the perfect choice for your home. See a selection of our range below, or drop in to your local Andersens store to see the full range.

Environmental Impact

Compared to other carpeting choices, Andersens’ wool carpet has one of the lowest carbon footprints due to its low energy manufacturing process and ability to re-enter the natural lifecycle. In addition to the friendly manufacturing process, it will also save your household energy usage through the fibre’s natural insulation features.

Grown naturally without the use of harsh chemicals, you can be assured that your carpet choice is ethical and sustainable. If you ever decide to replace your carpet, the wool can be reused in other sustainable ways; such as through insulation products or used underground to protect newly growing plants and prevent soil erosion. Once at the end of it’s useful life, wool fibres can biodegrade and rejoin the natural lifecycle – providing nutrients to the earth.

These natural qualities of wool make it a hypoallergenic option for those with allergies, or as a safe hygienic children’s playroom floor. As a truly natural, ethical and environmentally friendly option, you can feel good about making a wool carpeting choice.

Colour Range

With wool carpeting, you aren’t restricted to a small range of tones that some other carpets are. The natural structure of the wool fibre allows it to take up dye extremely well, drawing into the core of the fibre at a molecular level. This ability means wool has some of the widest colour choices available in carpeting.

Whether you are after a bright, statement colour or a subdued, modern complimentary colour, Andersens wool carpeting will have the shade to suit any décor. You can be assured your colour choice won’t fade over time, looking bright and fresh for years to come. See a small selection of our range below, or drop into a store to see the full range.


Wool is naturally grown as a tough, resilient and fire resistant fibre. Grown with natural crimps straight from the sheep’s back – wool fibre has a natural texture. Wool also has a natural elasticity, meaning it can be stretched, twisted, woven and tufted to create even more textures to suit any application in your home, all without losing it’s shape.

Whether you need a strong carpet in a high traffic area, or desire a soft feel under foot in your bedroom, wool fibres can deliver. The fibres are also naturally resistant to low forms of heat, meaning burning embers or cigarettes won’t immediately damage the carpet and can be brushed away.

Maintenance and Care

Caring for your wool carpet is simple and easy; only requiring a vacuum once a week and a professional clean every 1-2 years to keep it looking brand new and hygienic. The natural design of the wool fibre means that dirt can be easily vacuumed from the top, as it does not sink deep into the carpet pile.

In the event of a spill on the carpet, remember to always scoop up the solids and blot away the liquid – do not scrub the carpet as this can damage the fibres. Clean with a recommended cleaning agent applied directly to the towel. Rinse with cold or room temperature water and remember to blot dry. When you require your carpet to be professionally cleaned, Andersens Carpet Cleaning services are able to assist you and provide guidance for maintaining your carpet for longer.


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