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Oak flooring is one of the most popular options for homes due its versatile aesthetic and distinct surface texture. Solid oak flooring is available in a wide range of grains and colours to match your desired style, whether it’s a charming antique living space or a sophisticated, modern workspace.

Oak’s striking grain patterns are instantly recognisable. Thanks to its enduring popularity, a wide range of styles and grades of natural oak floorboards are available, including Prime grades (clean cut) or Rustic or character grades (knots and patterns).

Hand staining is a popular method of finishing oak floors since it can help to achieve a range of colours and styles. Our team of timber flooring specialists can assist you with staining products that range from natural light tones for classical appeal, to dark palettes that provide warm character to living spaces.

If you’re after low maintenance living, Oak flooring is an excellent choice. It’s hard wearing, UV and stain resistant, and its colours become richer as the wood matures.

Mother nature has always been one of mankind’s greatest inspirations, and with Oak’s sophisticated style, you too can make an inspired choice.


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One of the longest lasting woods available, Oak is famed for its extreme durability. Growing for excessively long periods of time, Oak has the ability to stand up to knocks, bumps and busy traffic that are commonly associated with modern lifestyles.


The production of Oak requires lower energy levels than most other wooden floors. It’s also manufactured using a sustainable and environmentally friendly process, so you can be confident about the low impact your flooring is having on the environment.


If you would prefer to spend more time admiring your floor as opposed to working on it, then oak is for you. This style of floor is easy to clean and maintain since stains and dirt don’t stick to oak. Naturally, oak is highly resistant to fungal and insect attacks so this is a hygienic option for families. Oak is also the perfect choice for those with allergies, as its impervious surface won’t hold known aggravators.


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